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2012 Hyundai Azera [w/video]

Finally Focusing On The FWD Luxury Game Luxury used to be so simple in this country. Life was demarcated by a series of vehicular gradations from Chevrolet to Oldsmobile, Oldsmobile to Buick and finally, when one had clambered up every last rung of the socioeconomic ladder, Buick to Cadillac. But that was generations ago, a time before German automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz quietly brushed aside makes like Lincoln and Cadillac to establish themselves as the pinnacle of luxury. It was before names like Acura, Infiniti and Lexus elbowed their way up to the luxury buffet as well. ... Read More

Vital Stats

3.3L V6
293 HP / 255 LB-FT
6-Speed Automatic
$32,000 base
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    Hyundai Azera
    Official: Hyundai reveals refreshed Grandeur sedan in South Korea

    Never heard of the Hyundai Grandeur? That's alright, because that's just the name the model uses domestically. Over here it's known as the Azera, but it's back in Korea where Hyundai has revealed a revised version of what is currently the company's largest front-drive sedan. Compared with the previous Grandeur and even the recently redone Azera we know, ...

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    Hyundai Azera
    Los Angeles: 2012 Hyundai Azera goes Fluidic, gets direct injection power [w/video]

    The 2006 Azera was the first shot that Hyundai took at going upmarket, a big, soft, front-wheel-drive sedan packed with content and offered at a bargain price compared to the Toyota Avalon and Buick LaCrosse. But today, this Korean import seems more like it comes from the Island of Misfit Toys. Azera has quietly persisted while Hyundai has launched ...

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    Hyundai Azera
    Official: 2012 Hyundai Azera to debut at LA Auto Show

    The Azera has become something of an odd fit within the Hyundai lineup. It slots above the Sonata but below the Genesis sedan and utilizes front-wheel-drive architecture. Think of it as a sort of Toyota Avalon competitor, a larger, comfortable cruiser for more traditional buyers. Nevertheless, Hyundai is committed to offering the Azera here in the United ...

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    Hyundai Azera
    Autoblog Podcast #166 - Chicago recap/Geneva preview

    It's Chris² as both Shunk and Paukert join Dan and for Episode #166 of the Autoblog Podcast this week. First up, as usual, is the Autoblog Garage, housing a Suzuki Grand Vitara and a Kia Soul this week. From there, we take a quick trip through the Chicago Auto Show's highlights. The 2011 Ford Edge, Toyota Avalon, Honda Odyssey concept, and Hyundai ...

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    Hyundai Azera
    Chicago 2010: Hyundai sneaks revised-for-2011 Azera into Windy City

    Things are looking good for Hyundai. Not only has the brand been named the most fuel efficient automaker in the country, but they are releasing lots of new-and-improved metal. In a market where product is king, that's a good thing. First we saw the 2010 Tuscon and the just about-to-be-released 2011 Sonata. This morning, despite no official Hyundai press ...

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    Hyundai Azera
    Kiazera: Kia VG concept leaked

    So, what happens when you build a Kia based on the Azera's architecture? You get Kia's upcoming flagship sedan. The Kia VG concept has leaked onto the web and will debut at the Seoul Motor Show later this week. It's one of these concept-in-name-only deals, so look for the production version to hit South Korean showrooms in September, with a North American ...

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    Hyundai Azera
    Hyundai "BH" in U.S. by 2008, will not replace Korea's Equus

    Despite our earlier speculation, Hyundai's upcoming BH model won't be a replacement for the Korean Equus. Hyundai Motor Co. says now that its new "BH" luxury car will slot in between the Azera and the Equus, in a spot formerly filled by the front-wheel drive Dynasty. This V8 powered rear-wheel-drive sedan will go on sale in South Korea at the end of this ...

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    Hyundai Azera
    SEMA: K-Daddyz Kustoms' Hyundai Azera

    The boys from Buick and their pimperific Lucernes will not be the dominant force in the 'executive' custom segment, if Hyundai has anything to do with it. The Korean automaker tapped, for the second time, L.A.-based K-Daddyz Kustoms to do what they do best to a new Azera and the results may give the Buick's barges a fair amount of competition.The exterior ...

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