2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid
MSRP: $25,675 - $31,430
2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
MSRP: $29,305 - $35,055
2015 Tesla Model S
MSRP: $69,900 - $104,500
2015 Nissan LEAF
MSRP: $29,010 - $35,120
2015 Ferrari LaFerrari
MSRP: $1,416,362 - $1,416,362
Toyota wants 30 percent of China sales to be hybrids

That's A Tall Target From Today's Numbers

Japan's Nikkei reports that Toyota wants hybrids to make up 30 percent of its sales in China. As of now, Toyota's hybrid sales are in the low single-digits.
Next BMW 5 Series hits the 'Ring

The next-generation BMW 5 Series is caught testing at the 'Ring. It is expected to bring new technologies like a 3-cylinder engine and over-the-air updates.
Cadillac CT6 PHEV battery shape a big departure for GM's plug-in hybrid tech

New Shape, Same Capacity For New PHEV

The new Cadillac CT6 PHEV will have the same capacity battery pack but the shape is different. And it's an important difference.
Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Hybrid [w/video]
A quick spin in the JDM Toyota Crown Hybrid proves that what's luxurious in Japan isn't something that we imaging would fly in the US.
2013 Honda Civic Hybrid
Autoblog gets behind the wheel of the 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid to see how it stacks up against other fuel-efficient hybrid and diesel vehicles in the compact sedan segment.