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Review: 2009 HUMMER H3T Alpha

The 2009 HUMMER H3T Alpha arrived in the Autobog Garage on Election Day, and so it was my transportation to and from the local polling station to exercise my civic duty. I had the HUMMER in my thoughts when I went to cast my ballot, and looking at the paper before me was like seeing the fate of General Motors reflected in this year's presidential election. Barack Obama was new, different and promised an uncharted path to better times, the physical manifestation for this country of what the Chevy Volt is to GM. John McCain was both fiery and familiar, a well-liked veteran returning once ... Read More

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    Hummer H3
    Spy Shots: 2009 HUMMER H3T

    The Hummer brand was taking a serious hits due to $3+ per gallon gasoline, but the H3 came out in the knick of time to bail out the General and its dealers. Now sales aren't looking bad at all, and with the upgraded H2 and the upcoming V8 H3, the future is looking bright for GM's bling'd-up Jeep fighter.Now the General is looking to add another 35,000 ...

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    Hummer H3
    HUUUMMMMERRR: H3 SUT arriving with extended bed

    HUMMER is preparing an sport-utility truck (SUT) version of its entry-level H3, replacing the roofed section on the H3 SUV wagon with a pick-up style cargo bed. Only whereas the larger H2 SUT is the same length as its wagon SUV counterpart, the H3 gets an extended cargo bed. Expected to arrive in 2008, spy shots are beginning to surface that indicate the ...

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    Hummer H3
    Spy Shots: HUMMER H3 SUT

    You can always count on Bob Lutz to provide a wealth of future product tidbits at his press conferences. Spy shots posted on LLN confirm Bob's comments about new Hummer models. This H3 captured is both longer than a standard H3 and is camouflaged in the rear. A close inspection reveals the tent work that is hiding the back of the truck sags aft of the ...

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