The HUMMER H1 is considered by many to be the ultimate off-road utility vehicle. Used by the US military and civilians alike, it provides the capability to conquer any obstacle with a unique style that is unmistakable.The H1 returns this year as the H1 Alpha. It is 2 inches taller and seats four…


2006 HUMMER H1
MSRP: $125,160 - $136,483
2004 HUMMER H1
MSRP: $105,160 - $116,483
2003 HUMMER H1
MSRP: $105,160 - $116,483
This modified Hummer hybrid will go to the South Pole on biofuel

Zero South Has Been Planning This Trip For At Least Seven Years

The Zero South expedition will use a modified 1998 Hummer H1 series hybrid on tracks to drive to the South Pole.
Low gas prices bring the Hummer back to life

It took more than the high cost of gas to kill off the Hummer brand, but the military/civilian vehicle's near-endless need for fuel didn't help sales when gas prices started to climb. Turns out, there is still a thirst for the gas-devouring vehicle in the US. The evidence is anecdotal at best, but since we know prices at the pump can change car shopping behavior in America, the idea that more people want a Hummer now than they have these past few years doesn't surprise us at all.
AM General to offer civilian Humvee kit car

After a 12-year hiatus from the civilian vehicle market, AM General is reportedly set to offer a kit-car of the C-Series Humvee. The kit will conform to U.S. government regulations and has been made possible by a deal with General Motors.

For Sale

2001 AM General Hummer
$69,000 / 69,800 miles / MD
"You can't find a much more serious off-road vehicle than this.