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It shares a platform with upcoming Genesis G70.

Update: Kia announced earlier today that it will debut a new car at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, which we assume is the car seen here. You can visit Kia's microsite at www.thecurveahead.com. Quick and dirty details: Kia-World.net snagged a photo of a prototype Kia GT sedan without any camouflage. This confirms our suspicions from earlier spy photos that the styling will take cues from the Kia GT concept first seen way back in 2011. The new car is expected to be officially re


But naturally, it's not quite that simple.

Blame California.


1.0-liter EcoBoost engines get fuel-saving tech.

All cars will be crossover-ified. Resistance is futile.


Ford of Europe couldn't wait, and dropped the first photo of the new hatchback on its Twitter page.


A solid example of the classic 1980s Saab, now discarded.

An evolution of the Saab 99, the 900 was very popular in places like California, New England, and Colorado (where this about-to-be-crushed example was found).


Ford's smallest US model has been struggling in the face of cheap fuel.

It should arrive at dealers around the same time as the closely related EcoSport compact crossover.


Or, perhaps you can use this news as a bargaining chip at the dealership.

Fiat 500 hatches and convertibles may be getting big discounts. The 500L and 500X? Not as much.


As the name suggests, the engine is the focus of this upgrade. And it's a successful one.


It can now travel 124 miles on a charge.

The motor is more powerful, too.


It's sleeker than its predecessor, but still looks rather... unique.


We recorded this before the election. We still like cars.


But it only comes with a dual-clutch transmission

Throw in the best interior appointments and you have the best Soul you can buy.


A couple of smaller debuts ahead of an exciting LA Auto Show.


You'll have to squint to tell it's different.

The new Golf gets more LEDs and bigger screens, and the GTI gets more power.


It's sort of like Zip Car, but you'll share one car with just a few people, rather than lots of cars with lots of people.

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