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The motorcycle shares tech with the Uni-Cub.

Other tech includes augmented displays developed with DreamWorks Animation.

Next year is shaping up to be a great one for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Here's what has us excited.


The cheapest new BMW Americans could buy in 1996.

The entry-level US-market BMW of the middle 1990s, and one of the more uncommon examples of the junkyard-plentiful E36 3 Series. Spotted in a San Francisco Bay Area self-service yard recently.


Leno describes it as being "like a Dodge Coronet that went to college at Oxford."


Look for a refreshed version of the current car for 2018.

Here are some cool cars that qualify for the 25-year importation rule in 2017.

These were the most popular automakers and models on Google search in 2016. Some of these results make sense, and some are rather surprising.


Volkswagen won't buy back a bare husk.

A number of owners have made headlines for trying to return stripped out cars.

Sure, there are few truly bad cars anymore, but we definitely did not like these.


Should owners be angry? Sure. But this isn't right.

If he hadn't bragged about it beforehand, things may have gone differently.


The EPA tested all three versions: the hybrid Ioniq, the plug-in hybrid Ioniq Blue, and the self-explanatory Ioniq Electric.

The best car isn't always the fastest one. Sometimes it's just about how it makes you feel.

These are the 10 Best Selling Vehicles in America for 2016. The list is dominated by fullsize pickup trucks, but crossovers are rising quickly up the ranks.


The driverless Bolts will start rolling out of Orion Assembly in early 2017.

GM's testing plans aren't a shock, but the good news for Orion Assembly is.


Because the Fiesta ST needs a little competition.

Look for influence from Toyota Gazoo Racing's WRC Yaris rally racer.


A good compact car improved in almost every way. But about that engine...

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