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No level of racing is too small for Aston Martin.

Volvo's former performance brand is going big.

Fox Sports for sure - and YouTube is a solid maybe.

The company has announced that on May 12 it completed its first full-scale test.

Pruitt said the agency must take an aggressive stance to deter cheating by automakers.

It will be adding 100 new service centers.

Other vehicles include a tank and a McLaren 720S.

Audi and Jaguar have serious competition.

Andretti will run a newly developed BMW powertrain.

The launch of the all-new A8 is part of Audi's move into what it calls a premium digital car company.

We are shocked - shocked - to hear this news.

The plan is to purchase a pre-existing facility.

That's 18 mph faster than the last test.

A Tesla Model S is electronically limited to 155 mph.

Tesla would have you believe that everything is fine. They're probably right.

Porsche said it was fully cooperating with authorities.

It just got easier to buy an EV in Oregon.

Oregon will offer up to $2,500 toward the purchase of lease of a new electric vehicle.

A probe by German prosecutors includes investigating whether VW disclosed details promptly.

Elon Musk let us know on Twitter.

The person who put down the deposit gifted the reservation to Elon.

More than just a name change.

Audi becomes an official manufacturer in Formula E with team takeover.

Fusion Hybrid, Bolt score big in June

Green car gains with Ford, General Motors more than offset declines from Toyota, BMW.

The German arrest was part of a wider probe into fraud and false advertising.

It's the first arrest in Germany regarding VW's diesel scandal.

2 / 1810
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