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And Ferrari is watching from afar in disbelief.

"We are the first to make pure bred F1 technology roadworthy."

It's clean, compact, and connected.

The motorcycle - it's probably more accurate to call it a scooter - is designed to get you around the urban core.

Regulators want to know if the company formerly known as Otto has been testing illegally.

Uber says the trucks only test driver assist tech in California.

What would Gavin Belson do?

Automakers are getting closer to Silicon Valley, both in the products thay make and the companies they work with. But the people are from different worlds.

Bosch is a provider of engine management software to Daimler.

The service is one tier higher than Lyft Premier, which launched last year.

A new, flexible platform will take the place of the i5.

The governor is poised to sign the override into law.

The lawsuit targets more than 705,000 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks with Duramax engines from 2011 to 2016 model years.

Gaby Toledano comes to Tesla from Electronics Arts.

It'll do 0-60 in 5.6 seconds

The chart lists key specs for Model 3, and points out that it's not as good as the Model S.

It's the first hybrid Golf GTI.

410-horsepower gasoline engine meets 16-horsepower electric motor.

Camcon says Jaguar Land Rover is interested.

The video shows how it all works.

The project is worth $740 million.

The partners can build up to 100,000 all-electric vehicles per year.

An electric car that puts the car first.

Electricity, delivered in a familiar package.

Fix per vehicle could cost as little as $100.

It could cost the company $45 million.

INRIX survey finds attitudes about self-driving cars differ by country.

Baby Boomers (mostly) aren't on board.

3M and MDOT are preparing the road for connected and autonomous vehicles.

It's among the first V2I projects of this scale in the country.

1 / 1802
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