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46Ford Mustang GT Bi-Fuel CNG

Highly intrigued, we recently visited a Southern California Gas Company office to check out several hybrid vehicles promising something new. Unlike more commonplace gasoline-electric hybrids, we were there to evaluate innovative gasoline-compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrids – yes, they run on unleaded gasoline and compressed natural gas. According to the experts on hand, this arrangement delivers extended range and reduced emissions while chipping in with lower operating costs than pure-ga

402014 Holman & Moody 50th Anniversary TdF Ford Mustang

If you're a fan of Ford racing history, a Mustang worshiper or even just an avid follower of our yearly SEMA coverage, you may have heard the back story on the Race Red Mustang you see above. Back in 1964, Holman & Moody was tapped by the English Alan Mann Racing Team to race-prep three Mustangs for competition in the incredibly arduous 4,000-mile Tour de France Automobile rally. Competing mainly against Jaguar MkII saloons over 10 days and 17 stages, the H&M Mustangs took the top two pl

1082013 Ford Mustang V6

Secretary Trim, Evolved

582013 Shelby GT350

Shelby is a name as synonymous with the Ford Mustang as marshmallows are with campfires. But unlike the short-lived sugary confection that is prepared on a stick, the late Carroll Shelby's name on the placard means added performance and exclusivity. Launched in 1965, the automaker's celebrated early cars were in production for a limited run - today, a mint concours-quality 1965 Shelby GT350 can sell for upwards of $350,000.

1012014 Ford Mustang GT

I was more than a year removed from my last experience with the Mustang GT and its delicious 5.0 V8 when this new 2014 example rolled up to my driveway recently. Good weather and a planned road trip across the state meant that I would get plenty of seat time in this conservatively specified example, too. In total, I logged about 400 miles in a week of driving – not a lot for some of you super commuters out there, but quite a lot for this work-from-home journalist.

462013 Ford Mustang RTR

There are more varieties of the Ford Mustang than coffee concoctions at Starbucks, yet enthusiasts always seem eager to embrace one more. Vaughn Gittin Jr., the driving champion most famous for his sideways antics in Formula Drift, developed the Mustang RTR as a dealer-installed appearance package and performance upgrade to the popular Ford coupe.

110Retrobuilt 1969 Mustang Fastback

Transforming A Late Model Mustang Into A Classic Hot Rod

1852013 Ford Shelby GT500 [w/video]

Who Are We To Argue With The World's Most Powerful Production V8?

1652013 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Putting The Finishing Touches On The Poster Child For The Midlife Crisis

2422013 Ford Shelby GT500 [w/video]

The Biggest Hammer Of Them All Is Sharper Than Ever

2142013 Ford Mustang GT [w/video]

Poor-Man's BMW M3 Is Sharper Than Ever

2202012 Ford Mustang V6

Cylinder-Envy No More

922012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

The Pony Car's Best Ambassador

1012012 Shelby GTS

Bringing The Shelby Name To The Masses

352011 Ford Mustang RTR

Drift On Sunday, Sell On Monday

412012 Roush RS3

Making A Case Against Increasingly Excellent Factory Options

103First Drive: 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

America's Answer To The BMW M3

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