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2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Your Mileage May Vary As difficult as it is to write this, I was actually excited about the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. With the beautiful looks of the newest midsize fighter from Ford and a fuel economy estimate capable of shaming even the stalwart Camry Hybrid, the battery-augmented four-door seemed like a recipe for unabashed success. But appearances love nothing more than swapping our boundless enthusiasm for cold platters of disappointment. The 2013 Fusion Hybrid gets hobbled right out of the gate with a lofty price tag, and real-world driving keeps the sedan from even approaching... Read More

Vital Stats

2.0L I4 / 1.4 kWh Li-Ion
188 HP (net)
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Ford Fusion
    Spy Shots: Ford Fusion getting substantial refresh for 2017

    It's only been a couple of years since Ford rolled out the current Fusion, but if these spy shots are anything to go by, it's already planning what appears to be a substantial update for the mid-size sedan. According to our paparazzi on the ground, the new Fusion is being prepared for launch late in 2016 or early 2017. Although heavily camouflaged to ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Spy Shots: Next-gen Ford Fusion/Mondeo caught in wagon form

    Spy photographers have managed to snap a few quick shots of the wagon variant of the upcoming 2013 Ford Mondeo/Fusion undergoing testing in the Alps. The lightly camouflaged hauler is our best look yet at how Ford plans to translate the design language from the Evos Concept displayed at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show onto production vehicles. No one is ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Report: Ford Fusion production coming to Flat Rock, MI plant
    1317819480 is reporting that Ford's next-generation Fusion will be built at the AutoAlliance International plant in Flat Rock, MI, 25 miles southwest of downtown Detroit. The news comes out of the tentative labor agreement with the UAW that was announced today. Ford has said it will add 12,000 hourly manufacturing jobs in the U.S. by 2015, including ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Spy Shots: Next-gen Ford Fusion reveals new face

    Our spy photographers have snapped a glimpse of the forthcoming 2013 Ford Fusion. The Mondeo-based sedan looks to have lifted lighting inspiration from the Ford Evos Concept that the automaker debuted at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. With thin, slit-like projection lenses and a very vertical grille, the 2013 Fusion looks to bring quite a bit more ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Spy Shots: Next-gen Ford Mondeo spotted testing

    Ford is hard at work on the next generation of its Mondeo mid-size sedan. Spy photographers caught a snow and camo-covered version of the new mid-size sedan as it waits to be shuttled to its next testing location. The car shows hints of adhering to Ford's Kinetic design language, and we expect the front-end to – ahem – focus in on that ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Fusion snapped!

    Click above for high-res gallery of 2010 Ford Fusion spy shotsOur spy photographers have caught the 2010 Ford Fusion wearing nothing but an ugly paint job, which means we get a crystal clear view at what Ford has in store for its midsize sedan. While things between the wheel wells appear to carryover, the front end is getting big a big makeover. The ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Spy Shots: 2010 Ford Fusion features Super Sized screen

    Click above for high-res gallery of 2010 Ford Fusion spy shotsIt's so great watching TV now on a giant flat screen that hangs from my living room wall that I can't imagine how we survived with 27-inch tube TVs just a few short years ago. Perhaps the same will be said about the 2010 Ford Fusion, the most recent spy shots of which show its interior completely ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Spy Shots: Ford Fusion's new face found

    Click above for high-res gallery for redesigned Ford Fusion spy shotsWe've known for some time that the Ford Fusion was due for a mid-cycle refreshening soon, but new spy shots from KGP Photography reveal that more might be in store for Ford's successful mid-size family sedan. Previous spy shots have shown prototype Fusions wearing impenetrable front bras ...

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    Ford Fusion
    Rendered Speculation: 2009 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ

    The Fusion could aptly be described as a hit for Ford Motor Company. It sold 66,260 units through May of this year, which is a 15.4% increase compared to last year and not an easy accomplishment in this particular buyers' market. Consider, however, that the Fusion shares a platform and many parts with the Lincoln MKZ and Mercury Milan. Taken together the ...

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