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2013 Ford Flex

More Of The Same Is Just Fine With Us The Ford Flex hasn't seen much sales success since it first hit America's streets back in 2008, and its boxy flanks have been decidedly hit or miss with the buying public. Still, when we first got a chance to drive the Flex, the big crossover was a revelation. It was smooth yet brash, comfy and luxurious all at once. In hindsight, one could argue that this big boat stands as a harbinger of Ford's revival. After the Flex arrived, a re-imagined Fusion, a much-improved Edge, the Explorer crossover and the new Focus all bowed. The Flex was a big step... Read More

Vital Stats

3.5L V6
285 HP / 255 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
$39,000 as tested
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    Ford Flex
    Spy Shots: 2013 Ford Flex shows the way with revised schnoz

    Spy photographers have managed to snap a fairly clear look at what the next iteration of the Ford Flex will bring to the table. If these photos are any indication, the crossover will wear a mild facelift that includes updates to the vehicle's grille, fog lights and front fascia as well as new badging. Expect to see new brightwork surrounding both the ...

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    Ford Flex
    Spy Shots: 2013 Ford Flex caught sporting first major update

    The engineers and designers at Ford are hard at work on the next take for one of its largest crossovers. Our spy photographers have managed to snap a few photos of the 2013 Ford Flex ahead of its debut later this year, and from the looks of things, the vehicle will borrow more than a few styling cues from its platform-mate, the 2011 Explorer. Expect to ...

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    Ford Flex
    Spy Shots: 2011 Ford Flex to get new sportier trim level

    During a rainy and wind-whipped drive home this weekend, we happened upon a foursome of Ford prototypes – one 2011 Lincoln MKX towing a trailer and a trio of Ford Flex crossovers. But unlike the stock-appearing MKX, the trio of Flex EcoBoost models looked different to us, even from a distance. Upon closing in and getting a few frustrating iPhone ...

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    Ford Flex
    Spy Shots: 2010 Lincoln MKT

    Only a few days after Ford officially confirmed that the seven-seat crossover everyone already knew was coming was indeed coming, a preproduction mule of the Lincoln MKT has been spotted in the wild. Ford promised that the MKT would look nothing like its Ford Flex sibling, and a quick glance at these spy pics prove that to be the case. In fact, the ...

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    Ford Flex
    Spy Shots: Ford Flex gets the woody treatment

    Certain automotive fashions are better left in the grave. To wit: faux wood paneling. It looks good on the old Woody, but it's an absolute atrocity on everything else (see: Griswold, PT Cruiser). However, spies have caught the new Ford Flex donning some woodgrain shelf paper paneling, and as much as FoMoCo is trying to redefine the people-mover/minivan ...

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    Ford Flex
    REPORT: Lincoln MKT may be unveiled at Detroit show

    Click image for a gallery of the suspected Lincoln MKT muleAccording to an LA Times piece on the silliness that is modern vehicle naming, the paper appears to have flubbed a little bit revealing that Ford will introduce the 2009 Lincoln MKT at the Detroit Auto Show next week. What's the MKT? Well, the conventional wisdom suggests that it's a large 3-row ...

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    Ford Flex
    Ford Flex spied curbside

    Click for gallery of additional spy shotsA reader Brandon sent in the shots you see here, which show that the Ford Flex is coming along fine. Parked curbside, this particular Flex is fully undisguised, but for reasons known only to Ford, it's not sporting its Flex badges. Yes, it's not scheduled to show up until next year as an '09 model, but still, we ...

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    Ford Flex
    Spy Shots: Ford Flex out and about

    The Ford Flex is an important vehicle for ford, as it is basically the automaker's replacement for its dead (and not missed) minivans. Absent the Flex, which doesn't arrive until MY2009, the only 7-passenger vehicles the Oval offers are the fuel-thirsty Expedition, the slow-selling Explorer, and the lame-duck Freestyle, which gets reincarnated as the Taurus ...

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