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2012 Ford Edge Limited EcoBoost

EcoBoost Finds Right Mix Of Power, Efficiency The sport utility vehicle became an endangered species not long after fuel prices began to skyrocket. But while vehicle buyers changed their shopping habits, they didn't actually stray that far from the SUV formula. Many of today's hottest-selling vehicles are crossovers; essentially the same tall wagons as the SUV, but with a lighter unibody chassis. Among other things, the CUV promised to deliver superior efficiency, and while some improvement has been evident, in many cases, the genre's fuel savings have failed to impress. A good case... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo DI 2.0L
240 HP / 270 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
$38,910 as tested
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    Ford Edge
    Spy Shots: Are you the next Ford Edge? [UPDATE]

    What looks to be the next Ford Edge has been leaked in an apparent corporate Powerpoint presentation deck. Despite the thumbnail image's blurry and pixelated quality, it appears as if the next generation crossover will be staying close to its current aesthetic despite an all-new front clip with redesigned grille, headlamps, and lower fascia with ...

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    Ford Edge
    Report: Four-cylinder EcoBoost Ford Edge coming to Chicago

    Here's some very exciting news, especially if you're into that whole forced-induction cult thing: Ford is reportedly set to show off its new four-cylinder EcoBoost engine under the hood of the overhauled-for-2011 Edge. To refresh you memory, EcoBoost is Ford speak for turbocharging plus direct injection. In the case of the 3.5-liter EcoBoost found in ...

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    Ford Edge
    Spy Shots: Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge redesigns caught nearly naked

    Ford and Lincoln's crossover offerings are plentiful, but all attention is being paid nowadays to the boxy-yet-practical Flex and hit-by-the-ugly-stick MKT. What about the Edge and MKX? This duo was launched years before the automaker's polarizing pair of three-row CUVs arrived. Well, their due for redesigns. Or at least, according to these spy shots, ...

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    Ford Edge
    Spy Shots: 2008 Mazda Tribute

    The next Mazda Tribute has been captured by the long lense of KGP Photography during some late-stage testing that affords us an uninhibited view of the next ZUV (Zoom Utility Vehicle) from Mazda. Clearly the overall shape of the Tribute's sister ute, the new 2008 Mercury Mariner, remains, but Mazda's version has a different front end that's decidely less ...

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    Ford Edge
    Spy Shots: 2008 Mazda 6 mule bagged!

    Mazda's bread-and-butter 6 looks to be receiving a dramatic makeover for 2008. Fortunately for consumers, the cross-eyed development tester seen here isn't it. But like momma always said, it's what's inside that counts, and Hefty bag four-doored dose of Zoom-Zoom appears to be no different. According to Edmunds Inside Line, the mule's camouflage is ...

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    Ford Edge
    Spy Shots: 2007 Ford Escape

    The Ford Escape will be receiving an Edge-inspired makeover for the 2007 model year that features a headlight treatment similar to the aforementioned CUV but lacks the corporate three-bar grille so popular with the young Fords these days. Larger in size and exuding a more macho demeanor than the inaugural Escape, the next gen model features refreshingly ...

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