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2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

No Prius Killer As much as we enthusiasts like to rail on the lowly Toyota Prius as the harbinger of death for all we hold dear, there's no denying the machine's absolute and interminable grip on the hybrid market in the United States. Toyota has so thoroughly sunk its teeth into the segment that you can clearly hear the automaker's incisors clacking against one another with the conclusion of each financial quarter. And there's little wonder why. Buyers can plop down less than $25,000 and have a runabout that can return up to an estimated 51 miles per gallon in the city, leaving every... Read More

Vital Stats

2.0L I4 / 35 kW Li-ion
188 HP (total system)
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Ford C-Max
    Ford teases 2011 five-seat C-Max people mover ahead of Frankfurt debut

    Ford has just released a few images of its next-generation C-Max tall hatchback ahead of the model's Frankfurt Motor Show debut, and we're as intrigued as much by what lurks under its hard candy shell as we are with its Iosis Max-derived styling. You see, the EurOval's handsome C-Max "compact multi-activity vehicle" is built on the company's new global ...

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    Ford C-Max
    Spy Shots: 2010 Ford C-Max caught ahead of Frankfurt reveal

    Small people movers are big business over in Europe and Ford is looking to take a bigger piece of the pie with its next-generation C-Max, which is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.It appears as if the next C-Max will grow a bit in size to allow for an extra few cubic feet of interior volume – likely enough for the Blue Oval to add a third ...

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    Ford C-Max
    Geneva Motor Show: Ford promises to expand ethanol/flexifuel lineup in Europe

    As we found out yesterday, one of the pushes that Ford is doing in Geneva is beefing up its ethanol-capable vehicle line in Europe. This might be considered a Bold Move, as ethanol is not exactly common in the EU, although there are expected to be over 60 ethanol plants in Europe by the end of next year. Ford of Europe will bring out three flexifuel models ...

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    Ford C-Max
    Geneva Motor Show: Ford's Mondeo and the flexifuel C-MAX

    Ford's Geneva offerings include the new C-MAX and the Mondeo. The C-MAX is the greener of the two, with options to have gas, diesel, flexifuel and in "selected markets" the C-MAX can come with engines that run on liquefied petroleum gas or compressed natural gas. Another option for the 2007 C-MAX is a large panoramic glass roof with internal blinds and the ...

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    Ford C-Max
    Ford uses Bologna Motor Show to preview new C-Max

    Ford will unveil a freshened C-MAX at this year's Bologna Motor Show. Originally called a Focus C-MAX when it debuted a couple of years ago, Ford is losing its focus, umm, the Focus name and going with just C-MAX on the new version. Along with the S-MAX, the new "MAX" vehicles are being touted as the stylish family friendly versatility wagon lineup. The new ...

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    Ford C-Max
    Spy Shots: Ford Iosis crossover

    Last month at the Paris Auto Show, Ford unveiled the Iosis X crossover concept that drew significant influence from the Iosis model that debuted in Frankfurt last year. Ford is expected to release a new crossover into the European market and judging by these latest spy shots, development and testing of some form of the 'X' is well underway.What will likely ...

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