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2015 Ferrari California T [w/video]

I'll never forget the day I bought my very first Ferrari. It was a bright-red F40, I'd saved up for it for what felt like an eternity and I couldn't wait to get home so I could park it next to my other four-wheeled piece of pride and joy, a stealth-black Lamborghini Countach, so I could compare their blunt-edge, wedge-like shapes and massive spoilers in microscopic detail. The year was 1987, and the event felt like the pinnacle of my life's achievement. Though both of my Italians had been die-cast in 1/18th scale, I coveted the two supercars with the verve of a true collector, taking in... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo 3.9L V8
553 HP / 557 LB-FT
7-Speed DCT
Base Price:
$198,000 (est)
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    Ferrari California
    Video: This Ferrari California mule sure sounds turbocharged

    It's been a while since Ferrari used turbochargers, but we would think long and hard before dismissing the spools as uncharacteristic of the marque. After all, the iconic and important F40 was turbocharged, as was the 288 GTO that preceeded it. But those were made decades ago. Could Ferrari be going back to forced induction? If this spy video is anything ...

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    Ferrari California
    Spy Shots: Ferrari developing hotter California?

    Ferrari has worked hard over the past several years at differentiating its products from each other. Where its lineup once consisted principally of mid-engined supercars of different sizes, today's range includes as well a front-engined GT, an all-wheel-drive shooting brake and a 2+2 hardtop cabriolet. The latter is known as the California, and while it ...

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    Ferrari California
    Ferrari California spotted in... California, where else?

    Click for more of the Ferrari California in San Francisco This was bound to happen sooner or later, and sooner it is: still over a month before its official public unveiling at the Paris Motor Show in October, the new Ferrari California has been spotted in its element: the streets of San Francisco. The car was ostensibly there for a promotional photo ...

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