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Review: 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T

For all the problems it faces, Chrysler has to be happy with this: the Dodge Challenger rollout has gone about as well as anyone could have hoped. Everyone wanted this car to happen from the moment it appeared as a concept back in 2006. Back then, the S197 Mustang was still new and demonstrating that retro done right can be a very good thing. Flash forward to today and following a brief, SRT8-only 2008 model year run, the Dodge Challenger is now available in three distinct trim levels. We've already reviewed the stylish and value-priced, six-cylinder SE model, and we'll soon give you... Read More

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    Dodge Challenger
    Quick Spin: Hurst Hemi Challenger Series 5

    Like a Viper With Rear Seats and a Proper Trunk We've seen how Hurst Hemi Challengers are put together, but the last time we tried to drive one we couldn't get above 25 mph because of the prototype wheels. To correct that hideous oversight, Hurst slapped a couple of production wheels on a black and a white version of their Challenger, and we took both ...

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    Dodge Challenger
    Quick Spin: Mr. Norm's Super Cuda is retro to the extreme

    The Dodge Challenger has found plenty of happy homes, and we've had the pleasure of driving quite a few examples, ranging from various production models to an array of tuner versions, including the Classic Design Concepts Widebody Challenger and the Hurst Series 4 Challenger. We can now add one more to the list: Mr. Norm's Super Cuda. Yes, it isn't a ...

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