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American automakers offset some of impact of lower Prius sales.

Plug-in vehicle sales for 2016 jumped about 27 percent as offerings from Tesla, General Motors, and Ford boost demand.


Motorsport Network invests in Formula E.

Formula E is Motorsport Network's latest investment. Maine won't let VW tarnish its environmental legacy. VW owners in the UK want payback.


Oliver Schmidt originally claimed there was a technical problem with testing.

He is expected to face charges in Detroit.


After a very long first generation, GMC finally has a new compact crossover. And not a moment too soon.


Bolt, Volt, Leaf all performed well last month.

US green-car sales jump 23 percent from a year earlier, while plug-in vehicle demand rises 61 percent.


The grilles are all new, but what's behind them is more interesting.


Good news for 70,000 owners of 2015 VW and Audi diesels.


The redesign seems to dial back the semi-truck look of the current model.

Next year is shaping up to be a great one for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Here's what has us excited.


Volkswagen won't buy back a bare husk.

A number of owners have made headlines for trying to return stripped out cars.


Should owners be angry? Sure. But this isn't right.

If he hadn't bragged about it beforehand, things may have gone differently.


VW to pay $1.6B for diesel cars in Canada.

Why are these Smarts burning up? VW's Dieselgate costs surpass $18 billion in North America. Tesla's referral program nominated for an award.


Video was recently released by the Minnesota State Patrol showing a trooper arresting an incredibly drunk Wal-Mart truck driver on Highway 10 back in July.


Germany greenlights plans to repair 1.2-, 1.6-, and 2.0-liter EA189 engines.


The season's first major winter storm caused a deadly, slow-motion, 67-car pileup near Baltimore over the weekend.

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