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2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring

Meaningful Updates Rekindle A Once Top Competitor If you woke up today hoping to read a minivan review, then it's your lucky day. We know that sliding doors and third-row seating aren't the most exciting traits, but the minivan needs love, too. In fact, the entire minivan segment was all but ignored for nearly a decade as automakers responded to our fevered clamoring for more sport utility vehicles and crossovers. The good news is the minivan is back, and every option in the segment has been completely redesigned or updated within the past two years, including the Chrysler Town & Co... Read More

Vital Stats

3.6L V6
283 HP / 260 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
$33,800 (as tested)
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    Chrysler Town and Country
    Spy Shots: 2011 Chrysler Town & Country nip/tuck spotted

    Toyota and Honda may be improving the images of their minivans, but we mustn't forget about the company that started it all: Chrysler. The very first Dodge Grand Caravan went on sale 27 years ago, and through all of the ups and downs that the automaker has faced over the years (especially in recent times), the Grand Caravan and Town & Country twins have ...

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    Chrysler Town and Country
    Spy Photos: 2008 Dodge Caravan/Chrysler T&C

    Johnathan Stein over at HowBourgeois ran across this heavily disguised prototype of what appears to be a 2008 Dodge Caravan, or possibly a Chrysler Town & Country, or possibly what will eventually be an unnamed Volkswagen minivan. He braved severely aggravated DaimlerChrysler staff to capture the exterior, otherwise we'd be staring at the interior ...

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    Chrysler Town and Country
    Spy Shot: 2008 Chrysler Town and Country interior

    This shot of the 2008 Chrysler Town and Country's interior shows a marked departure from the current model's dash. As Straighline points out, notice the dash-mounted shifter between the gauge pod and center console, the new stereo head unit and upright, van-like seating. Though the source-site claims it's "typical minivan stuff" we'd argue the center ...

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    Chrysler Town and Country
    Spy Shots: Chrysler minivan

    KGP Photography and The Car Connection managed to snap a shot of the next Chrysler minivan just before it was wrapped up by engineers at Chrysler's pilot production facility. The snazzy new Mom-mobile will be a bit boxier with a near-vertical D-pillar, and the sliding doors evidently have roll-down windows, which puts the vehicle in the same league as its ...

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