ChryslerPT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser

2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser – Click above for high-res image gallery It wasn't so many years ago that Chrysler's design department was considered among the best in the industry. Attractive, innovative shapes came one after another, then they took a sharp detour into the crash test building and the rest is Sebring/Compass/Caliber history. In the late Nineties when Chrysler design was still on a roll, one of the highlights was the debut of the PT Cruiser. As insolvency fast approached, CEO

Current Models
Old Models
2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser
MSRP: $18,275 - $18,275
2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser
MSRP: $18,000 - $24,510
2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser
MSRP: $15,970 - $23,515
2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser
/ unknown miles / WA
2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser
$6,950 / 96,378 miles / WA
2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser
$5,650 / unknown miles / WA
Phil Smart Inc
1525 Boylston Ave Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles
Stockbridge Autos Inc (Wholesale Only)
2133 3rd Ave Seattle, 32585 0.5 miles
BMW Seattle
714 E Pike St Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles