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Secondary Recall Affects 50,000 Sparks, Sonics

In two separate campaigns, General Motors is recalling nearly 200k Hummers after fires erupted in 42 vehicles, and another 50,000 Chevrolet Sparks and Sonics for a glitch with the OnStar system.


Just hours after confirming to Autoblog its intention to recall 97,540 vehicles in the US (117,651 in North America) for a possible manufacturing defect in the chassis control module of several models, General Motors is issuing two more campaigns that affect another 379,401 units in the US (524,384 in North America).


General Motors has another spate of recalls to announce. This time they cover 312,280 vehicles worldwide, including 269,041 of in the US, in a total of six campaigns. In 2014, the automaker has recalled 29,079,765 vehicles worldwide, with 25,754,356 of those in the US.

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