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2014 Chevrolet Impala [w/video]

Can A Fleet Queen Become a Fullsize King? On paper, the Chevrolet Impala is a pretty strong seller, posting annual sales that have hovered right around 170,000 units for the last two years, but it only takes one trip to practically any rental car agency to discover where the majority of those sales have come from. In fact, General Motors told Autoblog that a full 70 percent of Impala sales last year went to fleet companies for things like rental cars and government vehicles. Logic tells us that this is neither good for resale values nor name equity, so Chevrolet is getting ready to roll... Read More

Vital Stats

3.6L V6
305 HP / 264 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Chevrolet Impala
    Spy Shots: Is Chevrolet readying a CNG-powered Impala?

    When it comes to fleet vehicles, the Chevrolet Impala definitely plays an important role for General Motors, and it looks like GM is hard at work developing the next-gen Impala for bulk-buying businesses. The Motoring Journal recently spotted a handful of Impalas testing in Colorado with minor camouflage, but upon closer inspection, these appear to be ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Spy Shots: Is Chevrolet testing an Impala SS?

    Well... look who lives! Our spy photographers have managed to snag a few photos of what may very well be the next interpretation of the Chevrolet Impala SS. Long thought to be a casualty of the General Motors bailout, the biggest member Club SS was reportedly shelved a few years back. The Impala line hasn't offered an SS performance variant since 2009, ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Spy Shots: 2014 Chevrolet Impala takes shape

    There isn't a whole lot to get excited about in the world of near-luxury, full-size, front-wheel-drive sedans. Stalwarts like the Ford Taurus and Toyota Avalon continue to make their way into the driveways of gray-haired shoppers, and new entries like the redesigned Hyundai Azera are attempting to add a little bit of spice to an otherwise bland segment. ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Spy Shots: 2013 Chevrolet Impala caught testing

    After languishing in mediocrity for far too long, the 2013 Chevrolet Impala can't come soon enough, and our shooters managed to snag a camouflaged prototype – both inside and out – for the first time. Based on the long-wheelbase version of the Epsilon 2 platform, the reimagined Impala is set to be powered by a choice of either GM's 3.6-liter ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Dealer ad shows 2008/09 Chevy Impala

    It seems that the Impala's replacement has found its way onto the auto pages of a newspaper in much the same way that the Cadillac CTS Coupe did a while back. You could argue that there's no way this is anything but a calculated effort on GMs part. There's really no way to be sure, but with our local dealers still still using images of the DN101 Taurus when ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Looking good on paper: the next Chevy Impala?

    We've featured Chris Pauwels' outstanding work on Autoblog before, and he's at it again, having sketched out what he believes the upcoming Impala will look like when all is said and done. Based on rumors and inside information he and the good folks at were able to dig up, Pauwels' sketch shows a lot of new Camaro in the front end, and a rear ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Spy Shots: New Impala sighting?

    UPDATE: It's been confirmed from about a half dozen sources that this is not the next Impala, which won't be on its way until the end of the decade and will likely be riding on a rear-wheel drive Zeta platform(!), but rather the next Malibu. Our friends at Winding Road have new spy photos of what appears to be the next Chevy Impala. The telltale bowtie is ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Spy Shots: 2008 Chevy Impala

    Behold... the 2008 Chevy Impala-- or at least, that's what The Car Connection thinks it is. The mystery vehicle in question sports round rear taillights, a grillw that looks suspiciously like the 2003 Chevy SS concept, and a long wheelbase. TCC makes a good case that the prototype is rear-wheel drive based on its similarity to the Zeta-based Holden ...

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    Chevrolet Impala
    Spied: 2007 Holden Commodore!

    Holden's next-generation Commodore has been caught testing in Australia. The vehicle seen here is pivotal for General Motors' large car futures worldwide, not just Down Under. Said to be based on the upcoming Zeta platform, the underpinnings of this vehicle could see duty in everything from the next Chevrolet Impala, Buick Velite and Pontiac G8, and is ...

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