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Gas Price News

It seems whatever can be burned to power a car, heat a home or make electricity, or ship people and goods is being sold at bargain basement prices.

The American Automobile Association says that gasoline prices are they lowest they've been for this time of year since 2009, the average price for a gallon of gas was $2.66 on July 31.

So Far, 2015 Is Setting The Record

Low gas prices mean that US drivers put more miles on their cars in 2015 than ever before. 987.8 billion miles in the first four months, to be exact.

Analysts are predicting that this week's historic deal with Iran will cause gas prices to drop dramatically in the coming months.

Oil will be priced well under $100 a barrel for the next decade because of higher supplies, OPEC predicts.

Drivers who have seen a steady rise in the price of gasoline can relax: They will almost certainly be paying far less for gas this summer than they have in at least six years.

Oil industry analysts can't decide how crude prices might change by the end of the year. With a huge inventory already in the stockpile, global demand is going to determine the price.

Researcher Says Dramatic Spike Possible

Americans could pay a high price for cheap gas.

With more money in their pockets thanks to lower gas prices and an improved job market, AAA expects more than 37 million Americans to travel for Memorial Day, the most since 2005.

The transaction prices for fullsize SUVs were up in April, while small cars have been sitting for months on dealership lots.

Average US Family Will Save $700 This Year On Refueling Costs

Mid-year US gas prices will be the lowest for summer since 2009, Energy Department says

Drivers will see the lowest summer gasoline prices in about 6 years, according to the Energy Department.

Sales Of Brutish Utility Vehicles Rise As Gas Prices Fall

Big SUVs are selling in huge numbers in the US in 2015, thanks in part to low gas prices. See the top five best-selling fullsize luxury SUVs in the US here.

Small SUVs, Pricey Sports Cars Dominate In Switzerland

Aside from a few concepts, we don't expect to see many electric cars at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Here's hoping for some surprises.

A report from Edmunds put the average price of a used car in 2014 at $16,800, which is a record, and a 5.7-percent increase from 2013. It also found 1-year-old and 4-year-old cars showed gains at or near the average, while some vintages showed gains of up to 18.4 percent.

Consumer Federation Of America Finds Fuel Efficiency Is Still Key Buying Factor

CFA's new study finds car buyers still want fuel efficient vehicles, even in a time of low gas prices.

A range of economic index numbers are moving in positive directions, at the same time as consumer spending is up, personal savings are down, and gas prices are way down. However, payment companies have found that consumers aren't spending all of their gas savings on purchases.

Wholesale Fuel Prices Could Cause Pump Pain

US gas prices may rise by mid-February as petroleum makers prepare to switch over to the cleaner summer blend of fuel.

Renault-Nissan CEO Says Regulations Will Keeps EVs Coming

People will keep on buying EVs since various emissions regulations will mean automakers will continue to build them, no matter what happens to gas prices.

Cheaper gas, warmer winters and more cars on the road mean that Americans are driving more, with total numbers set to top 3 trillion this year for the first time since 2007 and only the second time in history.

A Washington Post opinion piece, refuting those who predict the death of electric vehicles - yes, again - explains that regulatory mandates underpin the existence and sales of BEVs, not the price of gas.

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