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    U.S. Cash-for-Clunkers deal reportedly nearing congressional compromise

    It's looking increasingly likely that the United States will soon have its own Cash-for-Clunkers program. According to The Detroit News, two bills are currently competing for Congressional votes, and while they would both offer sizable rewards for turning in older vehicles, they vary in what new ...

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    REPORT: Wall Street rallies around better-than-expected Ford results

    On the surface, at least, news that a company lost $1.4 billion wouldn't normally be greeted as good news by Wall Street. However, the Ford Motor company's just-published quarterly earning reports have done just that, with the stock trading 15% ahead of yesterday and the entire Dow Jones stock ...

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    REPORT: U.K. officially launches £2K scrappage scheme

    As expected, U.K. Finance Minister Alistair Darling has officially announced a new vehicle scrappage program that will pay motorists £2,000 ($2,900 USD) for trading in a vehicle that's at least 10 years old for a new car. Half of the funds will be provided by the government, and the other ...

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    REPORT: GM to shed 1,600 white-collar jobs by May 1

    According to General Motors spokesman Tom Wilkinson, the struggling automaker will shed 1,600 white-collar jobs by May 1 as part of its continuing restructuring efforts. The cuts, which are scheduled to begin this week, are part of a larger action to shed 3,400 white-collar jobs this year.Details ...

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    Ford initial quality beats Honda, ties Toyota... according to Ford

    Most auto pundits will tell you that Ford has made great strides in quality over the last few years. Ford's own studies, performed for the automaker by third party RDA Group, show that the efforts continue to pay off, with Ford pulling even with Toyota in initial quality and breezing by Honda. It's ...

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    Henderson says GM bankruptcy decision still in doubt; Hummer decision expected before month's end

    We were on General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson's teleconference with reporters this morning, and while the proceedings were light on revelatory news (okay, there really wasn't any), some important things were clarified:Namely, Henderson denied that the company has reached a decision on whether to ...

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    Toyota reportedly expects 40,000 pre-orders for new Prius

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The well-publicized battle for hybrid sales supremacy between Honda and Toyota has taken yet another intriguing turn. According to Japan's Nikkei newspaper, Toyota is saying that it expects to take 40,000 preorders in Japan for its ...

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    REPORT: Energy Department predicting summer gas price high of just $2.30/gallon [w/POLL]

    Click on the image above to take our summer of 2009 gas price poll
    We've heard it a million times: What's good for General Motors is good for America. Well, if low gas prices are good for America (and that is a debatable point), then Charles Wilson's saying does not work the other way around. ...

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    STUDY: Diesel sales still limited in U.S. by buyer perceptions [w/POLL]

    2009 BMW 335d – Click above for high-res gallery
    Just the other day, Volkswagen revealed that it is having little trouble selling diesel versions of the Jetta here in the United States. Fellow German automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, however, apparently aren't finding the oil-burning ...

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    Bertone family back in court over management issues

    The Bertone girls can't seem to keep their disputes out of local courts, as the widow of the late Nuccio Bertone and their daughters are at each others' throats once again. Previous legal disputes centered around matriarch Lilli Bertone's attempt to sell the company to Domenico Reviglio, to say ...

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    GM chairman looking to turn over half of board of trustees by June?

    According to the Detroit Free Press, General Motors interim chairman, Kent Kresa, has been asked by president Obama's administration to replenish the automaker's board with fresh blood. Kresa said that while the board did achieve "historic things" recently, like renegotiating the UAW pay scale, he ...

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    NADA picks America's top five cleanest conventional gas autos

    With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, it's inevitable that automotive conversations will take on a green tinge. While hybrids are an obvious hot topic, it's not the only way to tread lightly on Mother Nature. have named what they think are the top five cleanest conventional ...

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    Japan reportedly pondering $3,000 green car stimulus program for consumers

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The U.S. automotive market is in a rut the size of the Grand Canyon, but it's not alone. Most nations are experiencing lackluster sales, and the Japanese car market is experiencing its own free fall. As a direct result, Reuters is ...

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    P1 reportedly following other British supercar clubs into bankruptcy

    While the idea of the supercar club has yet to take hold here in The Colonies, across the Atlantic in jolly old England, the notion developed into a popular alternative to the costly prospect of owning and maintaining high-priced exotica. The idea, in a nutshell, was to provide customers with the ...

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    Honda says it isn't pulling out of more auto shows

    On Monday, we reported that Honda Europe had decided to cancel its participation in this fall's Frankfurt Motor Show. In that report, we speculated that it wouldn't be a surprise to see Honda follow Nissan's path of only participating in one major auto show per continent. It turns out that at this ...

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    BMW names Marc Girard head of interior design

    The field of car design has been about as stable as an active volcano lately, with several major automakers replacing their design chiefs in quick succession. Over the past couple of weeks, Volvo's styling guru Steve Mattin quit, and he was replaced by Ford designer Peter Horbury, whose post in ...

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    Hamilton, McLaren retroactively disqualified from Australian GP?

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Last weekend's Australian Grand Prix, the season opener to the 2009 Formula One season, may have ushered in a new era in on-track competition, but the off-track politics are already back up to full swing.Following the race, officials from the FIA ...

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    Chevrolet's Captiva gets the Swarovski treatment. For some reason.

    Chevrolet Captiva with Swarovski crystals - Click above for a gallery
    Attacking a car with Swarovski crystals is starting to push the needle into the red on the Gauche-O-Meter during these days of bleak economic forecasts. Not only that, it comes off looking like someone's got a serious addiction ...

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    Putin Power: Even Russian automakers to get a bailout?

    Lada C Concept - Click above for a high-res gallery
    According to The Detroit News, Avtovaz, Russia's largest car maker and the home of Lada, is in line for government help. The Russian car industry is faring even more poorly than its counterpart in the U.S., with a 60% drop in sales being ...

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    Ford Advantage Plan guarantees job loss protection for new vehicle loans

    It isn't even noon yet here in Detroit, but already it's been a busy day thick with bailout fallout and new consumer loan guarantee programs introduced by General Motors and the Ford Motor Company.The Blue Oval has just unveiled its new Ford Advantage Plan, which can be thought of as a riff on ...


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