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Andromeda Power Grant For Smart Charging; BYD EV Buses In Thailand

Teslarati reviews Tesla Firmware 7.1 without Autopilot and Model S front seat covers. Andromeda Power is developing a smart EV fast-charging system. Thailand gets its first BYD electric buses.


NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton says women should, 'adopt the buddy system' when they ride in a cab, especially late at night.


Ride hailing app company Lyft will partner with National MedTrans Network to give senior citizens rides even if they don't have a smartphone.


Engadget sat down with new Hyperloop Technologies CEO Rob Lloyd to talk about when the highly efficient tube-based transportation system might get real.


It's A Wireless, Autonomous, Covered, Battery-Powered Bike

MIT's Persuasive Electric Vehicle wants you to rethink what you know about battery-powered, self-driving bicycles. If you had thoughts about them already.


Two-Wheeled EV Coming To US In 2016

The Gogoro Smartscooter is an electric vehicle powered by swappable batteries. This tech makes way more sense in a two-wheeler than in a car.


On Christmas Eve, the billionth Uber ride happened in London. On average, that's 15 million a month, globally.


Are Pedestrians Really To Blame For Crashes?

Poland gets Tesla Superchargers. Pedestrians get blamed for most pedestrian crashes. BMW's long list of awards includes many for i3 and i8.


We Whir Around San Francisco In Renault-Nissan's Tiny EV Wonder

Nissan imports the Renault Twizy EV and partners with Scoot in San Francisco for a new kind of car sharing. We take the weird little machine for a drive.


Know When Your Bus Will Actually Turn Up

Kindle-like technology will be used to tell bus riders when their London bus will arrive.


Nissan Leaf Dealer Decides The Time For Change Has Come

Plug In America co-founder Paul Scott loves electric cars, but he loves the idea of not owning a car even more.


In what is sure to be seen by some as government interference and general misunderstanding of technology, the California DMV has released a proposal that would require drivers to be present in self-driving vehicles in the state.


LA Auto Show's Connected Car Expo Adds Advisory Board Members

People from Lyft and Local Motors among additions to Connected Car Expo advisory board. Over 1,000 students compete in SpaceX Hyperloop design challenge. Daimler calls DUH's NOx test results "questionable."


The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US is investigating reports of fires and falls to determine whether or not self-balancing hoverboards are safe.


Ride hailing app companies Lyft and Uber are against a new proposal in Seattle that would let their drivers unionize. The city council will vote today.


Hyperloop Technologies will build a test track in Southern Nevada. The goal is to test the tube trains at 335 miles per hour.


BlaBlaCar now has 25 million members, and half of the company's new users are in places like Russia and India.


Ride hailing service Uber can now offer drivers and riders its service without fear of legal troubles thanks to approval from the government of Jakarta.


Nissan, Renault Joint Ad; Ultra-Fast Bus Charging In Beijing

Renault debuts "Le Peuple Electrique." Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe advertise together; Paris gets first hydrogen station for fuel cell taxis. Beijing gets world's largest ultra-fast charging station for buses.


Electric Renault Trafic Uses Second-Life Batteries

Many diesels fail Euro 6 standards in WLTC testing. Chevy will test autonomous 2017 Volts. Carwatt and Renault show an electric van powered by recycled batteries at COP21.

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