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At Auto Shanghai 2017, VW showed off a real version of its autonomous concept vehicle.

IBM's Bret Greenstein explains how automobiles will find their voice.

Navigating the tricky road of AI for automotive consumers.

Uber would've been one of the top 10 biggest money losers in 2016 if it were public.

Larry Dominique says it's a 10-year-project to reestablish PSA in USA.

The first steps have been taken as PSA launches car-sharing service Free2Move at LAX.

Industry newcomer Voyage is growing out of Udacity's self-driving car program.

Test rides with real passengers could start within the next few months.

The 02 shares facial features with its big brother, the 01.

The Geely-owned company uses Volvo architecture.

Apparently it actually works.

"Be unopposable," says Lyft.

Uber suspended its self-driving car testing after a crash in Tempe, Ariz., but Monday it announced it was resuming operations.

An Iron Chef already has selected the menu.

A rolling, engaging dining experience.

A judge raised the award from $12 million.

Does your car have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities?

Airbus is involved, and they actually know a thing or two about flying machines.

The ride-hailing service continues its ambitious growth.

Uber is working on a diversity report in the wake of an ex-engineer's sexual harassment claims.

A former Uber engineer's blog post that blew up online did more than just shame the company into finally investigating her long-ignored sexual harassment allegations. It has also forced the ride-sharing service to take a look at its diversity numbers.

CEO Travis Kalanick has ordered an 'urgent investigation' into the matter.

A former engineer at Uber wrote that she was sexually harassed and that her complaints were ignored by the human resources department, despite other harassment reports against the same manager.

'The Arrival Company' promises a 'unique take' on the hyperloop.

After a messy split with Hyperloop One, former employees start their own hyperloop company.

It's launching in several cities in India.

Turns out Musk wasn't kidding about The Boring Company.

Lion Bus unveils eLion; BlueBlue Bird will test V2G EV buses by 2019.

DOE funds Blue Bird's electric bus. Quebec and California use cap-and-trade to fund eLion.

Democrats have a tough battle ahead of them to save federal transit funding.

On-demand EV vans help businesses operate and Parisians breathe.

30 teams from around the world will put their designs to the test.

The test track is a mile-long vacuum tube in California.

Was Jac Nasser right all along?

A bad idea then is a better idea now.

Imagine near-supersonic travel from Bratislava to Brno, or from Seoul to Busan.

HTT wants to create an international connection, but Korea wants to develop hyperloop first.

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