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BMW launches ReachNow at the Solaire; Nissan Leaf 3G upgrade costs $199.

GAC's EV supercar has an autonomous mode. BMW tests self-driving cars in Munich. ReachNow launches at the Solaire. Nissan Leaf's 3G upgrade costs $199.


Underground system would move cars at 50 miles per hour.

CarTube would transport people faster than trains while allowing city to expand greenbelts.


That's according to a new set of 'Community Guidelines.'

Rules for life in the back seat.


WiTricity announces Tunable Matching Network; GM picks AeroVironment as Chevy Bolt charger.

Tesla's new Boston store is impressive. London Mayor commits to cyclists. WiTricity's TMN optimizes wireless charging. Chevy Bolt to charge with AeroVironment.


BMW says battery density and costs will be slow to improve.

NYC uses a GM discount and federal incentives to add 80 Chevy Bolts to its fleet. BMW will "walk through the valley of tears." Madrid closes heart of the city to most drivers for nine days.


Yep, it's probably gonna have apps and car sharing.

MOIA is the name, mobility is its game.


A letter to NHTSA shows its interest in testing autonomous car technology.

Apple sent a letter to NHTSA acknowledging that it is "excited" about automation in numerous fields, "including transportation."


NYC approves public EV charging pilot program.

Build your own autonomous driving system, courtesy of Geohot. NYC will build EV chargers in each borough. London mayor shows off fuel-cell double-decker bus.


The hacker, who wanted $73,000 in bitcoin, was hacked back.

A ransomware attack by a hacker left Muni keeping its turnstiles open for free rides on Saturday.


Valero joins Renewable Fuels Association; Marin County to use electric buses.

Autonomous testing begins in Ontario. Tesla selling energy products alongside cars. Marin County buys BYD buses. Valero joins hands with ethanol.


The Gran Artic 300 carries 300 passengers and is nearly 100 feet long.

A 300-passenger, biarticulated bendy bus might be more practical than China's weird tram/bus concept.


DOE ordered to turn over confidential Fisker documents.

Mueller says a VW battery factory "makes sense." US voters want transportation initiatives. The DOE must turn over secret documents to lawyers in a case against Fisker.


Point-to-point car sharing service lasted five years.

The fun ends on New Year's Eve, 2016.


Not that things look particularly easy moving forward...


Iowa E15 retailers raise $12,000 in 'Pink at the Pump' campagin.

Lightness and durability are key to a cheap solar roof. E15 raises money for breast cancer awareness. Maven arrives in LA, San Francisco, and Denver.


Proterra buses for San Joaquin Valley; German automakers discuss national charging network.

LeEco is out of hot water. VW and Didi mull high-end Chinese ride-hailing service. CARB funds Proterra buses for CA. BMW, Daimler, and VW partner on German charging network.


The isobutanol blend used cellulose from logging industry waste wood.

Alaska Airlines isn't the first to use biofuel, but it's the first to use it from this source.


The sharing platform will now be availalbe in NYC, too.

There's an app for that. No, really.


The Vespa Elettrica should preserve both Italian chic and the planet.

Silent style.


A trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi may take just 12 minutes.

This high-speed tube system can push transportation pods as fast as 750 miles per hour, twice as fast as a high-speed train.

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