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King County, WA, is buying 120 electric buses.

Tesla gets new VP and Director courtesy of Apple. Tesla will expand existing Superchargers. King County, WA buys a lot of electric buses.


Goodyear gathers data from Tesloop; Vulog offers turnkey carsharing.

How many launches does your Tesla have left? ChargePoint Express Plus boosts charging to 400 kW. Tesloop offers tire data to Goodyear. Vulog looks to expand turnkey carsharing.


The lawsuit alleges that the parties involved didn't provide adequate safety and let the driver operate the vehicle without insurance.


Over two million people rely on wheelchairs in the US alone.


It's totally unexciting, but that's just great in this situation.

Hop in, sit down, relax.


Here are some tips for Uber's predicted 15 million customers this weekend.

New Year's is going to be a big night for Uber.


Green Commuter EV carsharing expands to Chatanooga.

Are these the seats over which Faraday Future was sued? Nissan Leaf carsharing comes to Chattanooga. Acciona EV competes in Dakar Rally for third year.


It just looks like roof rails and extra mirrors.

Look for the car at CES and NAIAS in January.


Unlike the competition, all cars are privately owned.

Think Turo, only facilitated by Mercedes-Benz.


Podcasts from the year 2035 explore how transit could change our lives.

Check out EcoReco's "personal EV for all." Norway hits a major EV milestone. We can't wait for the 2035 Cheesesteak Derby.


Robot cars are still coming, of course.

Will we even be allowed to drive in the future?


Better to recycle than reuse lithium-ion batteries.

Rent any Smart for up to three months in Europe. VW to bring MOIA to US coasts in 2018. Don't reuse li-ion batteries; recycle them.


BMW launches ReachNow at the Solaire; Nissan Leaf 3G upgrade costs $199.

GAC's EV supercar has an autonomous mode. BMW tests self-driving cars in Munich. ReachNow launches at the Solaire. Nissan Leaf's 3G upgrade costs $199.


Underground system would move cars at 50 miles per hour.

CarTube would transport people faster than trains while allowing city to expand greenbelts.


That's according to a new set of 'Community Guidelines.'

Rules for life in the back seat.


WiTricity announces Tunable Matching Network; GM picks AeroVironment as Chevy Bolt charger.

Tesla's new Boston store is impressive. London Mayor commits to cyclists. WiTricity's TMN optimizes wireless charging. Chevy Bolt to charge with AeroVironment.


BMW says battery density and costs will be slow to improve.

NYC uses a GM discount and federal incentives to add 80 Chevy Bolts to its fleet. BMW will "walk through the valley of tears." Madrid closes heart of the city to most drivers for nine days.


Yep, it's probably gonna have apps and car sharing.

MOIA is the name, mobility is its game.


A letter to NHTSA shows its interest in testing autonomous car technology.

Apple sent a letter to NHTSA acknowledging that it is "excited" about automation in numerous fields, "including transportation."

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