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Renault takes part in Fast-E.

A QR code reveals Tesla's Mexican Supercharger plans. Lyft tests ride scheduling in San Francisco. Renault partners with EU on fast-charging infrastructure in Europe.


Ballard provides fuel cell for Orange County bus.

A Tesla Model S owner was quoted $8,500 to fix his brakes. BMW will use GKN's eAxle AWD system. The Orange County Transportation Authority uses a fuel cell bus powered by Ballard.


Nobody tell Marvel's lawyers.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has announced a new technology that uses sensors that monitor stability, temperature and integrity of its pods.


Formerly GetTaxi, the ride hailing company operates in more than 60 cities.


Uber says Toyotas are already some of the app's most popular cars.

Each carmaker is looking for a suitable ridesharing companion, it seems.


It may not be a two-wheeled, self-balancing car, but it's still pretty cool.


The American Solar Energy Society is raising funds for the UM Solar Car team.

Renault e.dams retains its drivers for the 2016-17 Formula E season. Geely raises $400 million for EV black cabs in London. The American Solar Challenge begins July 30.


Uber users tend to overlook the increased rates of surge pricing when their phone battery is running low.


Next-gen Tesla Powerwall launches soon; BYD Qin sells as fast as Chevy Volt.

Nissan provides 100 Leafs to Madrid taxi fleet. A new Tesla Powerwall version will launch soon. BYD sells 50,000 Qin PHEVs as fast as Chevy Volt. Social Charging app makes better use of EV infrastructure.

These patents show the kind of off-the-wall thinking the Internet giant is applying to mobility for its autonomous car.


Today Acura introduced its second generation Automated Acura RLX Development Vehicle with updated sensors and a more pleasing aesthetic.


Toyota joins New Cities Foundation; Proterra EV bus simulator

The BMW i8 Futurism Edition will drive in Mille Miglia. Toyota joins New Cities Foundation for mobility solutions. Proterra's EV bus simulator compares technologies. Tesla contracts Hankook for Model 3 tires.


How well do you know HTT and H1? And then what about AECOM?

When you compare the status of Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, you see that they're both moving along fine, but in different ways.


Freight travel will happen much sooner.

The plans that Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd has in mind include regular, underground, and underwater tubes for this low-pressure travel system.


BYD buses in US transit fleetsl; Canada funding charging infrastructure.

London gets a public hydrogen fueling station. GM published its annual sustainability report. Canada funds more charging infrastructure. Transit agencies try BYD buses.


Yes, that's fast.

The first public test of Hyperloop One's upcoming pod-based transportation system took place in Nevada today.


Hyperloop Technologies gets real with a desert test today.

Hyperloop One, nee Hyperloop Technologies, will show of its first public test in Nevada today.


New court documents reveal cost of independent contractor status versus full-fledged employment.

Court documents show that ride-hailing company Uber would have owed drivers in two states as much as $730 million more had they been considered employees instead of contract workers.


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies plans to a form of passive repulsion technology to make its pods cheaper and easier to maintain.


Uber and Lyft will pull out of Austin, Texas on the morning of May 9th after 56 percent of voters rejected Proposition 1.

'What develops from here? We’ll see.'

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne hints that further collaboration between Google and FCA could be coming. "What develops from here? We’ll see."

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