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New E15 Bill Introduced To US House

A new introduced to the House aims to deregulate E15. A bipartisan group of 37 senators are asking the EPA to strengthen the RFS. The Toyota Mobility Foundation is launching a pilot program in Bangkok, Thailand.


Automaker Has A Lot More Going On Than Just Making Cars

Honda showed off its UNI-CUB mobility seat and the Walking Assist Device at the 2015 SAE World Congress.


Oregon's Chief EV Officer Hired At PlugShare

Enterprise CarShare will operate at 45 Washington DC Metrorail stations. Ashley Horvat leaves Oregon DOT for PlugShare. The National Research Council finds barriers to EV adoption and suggests ways to remove them.


An op-ed in The Washington Post argues that private automobiles own the road in cities, and mandatory bicycle helmet laws as a way for governments to avoid building a better infrastructure for bikes.


Oklahoma's HB 1614 would allow ridesharing companies to operate in the state, but a new amendment would also allow discrimination of gay customers.


Meet The Velocepide With A Cage

The Babel Bike claims to be the safest bicycle in the world. Riders are protected by a safety cage and foot guards. Plus at the rear, there are brake lights and turn signals.


Enterprise Joins CarSharing Association

Amsterdam is an especially hospitable home for the growing EV taxi business. Montreal's mayor wants a large EV carsharing program. Enterprise Carshare has joined the nonprofit CarSharing Association.


Chinese Company Orders Ballard Fuel Cells For Buses

Wanxiang may be China's biggest corporate investor in US real estate. Automakers are exceeding 2015 EU emissions goals by manipulating tests. Ballard will supply hydrogen fuel cell modules for eight Chinese buses.


The Hong Kong subway system makes $2 billion in annual profit thanks in large part to the fact that it controls the land that its stations are situated on. Fares still support the system's operating costs.


BMW i3 Less 'Urban' Than Imagined

Proterra has received a $3-million grant to build electric buses in LA County. The BMW i3 is more popular outside of large cities despite "urban mobility" branding. The BMW X5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid will debut at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.


It's A 'Rethink' Of The T.27

Gordon Murray and Shell will unveil a small, high-mpg concept urban car called the Project M in November.


Lyft and Uber are spending more than $1 million on lobbyists to change the rules and so they can operate in Texas without as many restrictions.


Ballard Powers World's First Hydrogen Tram

Stanford's aluminum-ion battery is flexible, fireproof and inexpensive. The EPA bluffed by asking for five percent fuel economy hike for trucks. The world's first hydrogen-powered tram is powered by a Ballard fuel cell.


'Surge Pricing' Impacting Normal Cab Schedules

Some taxi drivers In Columbus, OH are finding ways to drive for Uber as well as their traditional cab companies.


Ethanol, Gasoline Resume Normal Price Difference

UPS adds 1,400 CNG trucks to its fleet, and builds CNG stations. Renault Twizy joins Bolloré carsharing service in Lyon, France. Ethanol and gasoline average 26-cent difference in price per gallon after a period of volatile gasoline prices.


Austin's Place At Terracina Gets Car2go Service

Tap your Apple Watch to hail an Uber car. Use Car2Go at The Place at Terracina in Austin. Hyundai is unveiling Australia's first hydrogen vehicle along with a solar hydrogen refueling station.


Uber offices in The Netherlands are raided twice in a week when the ridesharing company ignores a Dutch judge's order to shut down its UberPOP service.


GE, EV Connect Team Up

The Automotive Journalist Association of Canada crowns the Kia Soul EV as the first Canadian Green Car of the Year. Proterra EV buses accumulate 1 million miles on the job. GE and EV Connect announce partnership to use each other's goods and services and expand markets.


In Rhode Island, critics of the ridesharing services Uber and Lyft say the companies are not paying state sales tax like they're supposed to.


DOE Funding More Efficient Industrial Motors

Daimler is spending billions to upgrade the Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim plant to build fuel cell cars. Ford's Go!Drive carsharing program enters its beta stage in London. The Department of Energy is offering $20 million for developing more efficient industrial motors.


Paul DeLong Takes Over, Promises Better Cloud Connections

Paul DeLong takes over as the new president and CEO of Car2go North America. He said in a letter to carsharers that better cloud connections will make starting and stopping trips even faster.

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