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The switch in this case is the replacement for the one for which GM has paid roughly $2.5 billion in criminal and civil penalties, settlements and legal fees

The bill would not require any kind of pre-market approval from the feds.

100,000 could hit the road without meeting existing safety standards.

Victims are granted an unusual role in Takata's bankruptcy proceedings.

Victims granted an unusual role in bankruptcy proceedings.

For one thing, the seat belt was ineffective.

Tesla is dismissive of the testing as suiting the IIHS' "own subjective purposes."

Limiters were supported by truckers and safety agencies.

Tens of billions of dollars in liabilities.

One player says the driver shouldn't be expected to.

This all stems from the GM ignition switch recall.

It falls just short of 'Top Safety Pick +.'

Its headlights are the weak link.

Three sounds appropriate for various situations.

The Model X has the lowest rollover probability of any SUV.

This is why we wear our seat belts, everyone.

Some cars already have this safety device.

Feinberg previously oversaw the Sept. 11 attacks compensation fund, the BP oil spill fund and compensation paid by General Motors Co. to victims of its faulty ignition switches.

Seriously, stop looking at your phone while driving.

Apple tries to prevent texting and driving.

How they allegedly pulled off $4.5 million in thefts.

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