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Angela Merkel's Criticism Raises Questions In VW Diesel Scandal Era

Five years ago, Angela Merkel said California's strict NOx emissions standards hurt sales of German cars.


EU Testing Standards Known To Have More Loopholes Than US

In 2011 meetings, regulatory officials worried about just the sort of thing that VW did to defeat European diesel emissions tests.


No More Speed Limits!

The FIA granted approval to the Nürburgring's owners for seven proposed safety changes. After the upgrades, there will no longer be speed limits on the famous track for next year.


Discussions are reported to be currently underway between Bernie Ecclestone and the new owners of the Nürburgring to bring F1 racing back to the track, but not before 2017 at the earliest.


Batteries Power System For 25-Mile Route

Companies collaborate on light-rail system that charges without any overhead wires.


With an influx of asylum seekers pouring into Germany, Mercedes-Benz has started an internship program to train the refugees for the workforce.


US EPA May Also Be Contacted

German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt plans to discuss issue with US counterparts.


A file in German prosecutors' case against Volkswagen has gone missing, but it might not have contained vital info for the investigation.


Europe will still only get about 100 of the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles per year.


Audi rolls out a special edition A5 DTM for Germany with a TDI engine, sporty trim, and no known cheating issues.


Volkswagen has hired Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt away from Daimler. She will be tasked with helping the entire German automobile industry recover from VW's diesel emissions scandal.


Cost Savings From Better Fuel Economy May Go Up In Smoke

European auto group says new diesel test procedures could make vehicle production cost-prohibitive.


Is A Happier Story In The Works For Oil Burners?

Future demand depends on 'campaign' VW plans for diesels, auto supplier says


German regulators are demanding a mandatory recall on Volkswagen's 2.4 million emissions-evading diesel engines in the country. The fixes would begin early in 2016, but VW needs to show a fix in November.


Not So Much In Europe Or UK

US VW diesel prices start to fall as Americans become wary of emissions scandal.


German prosecutors are stepping back from their initial investigation into Martin Winterkorn for alleged fraud in the emissions scandal. They say there's not yet enough evidence to focus on him in the case.


German startup Artega is back, transforming the beautiful Artega GT into the new Scalo, now with 400 horses worth of electric power.


Volkswagen releases pricing for the GTE and Alltrack versions of its European-market Passat, with the hybrid sedan starting at the equivalent of $50,000.


BMW, Peugeot Models Also Notable For Mileage Gap

Mercedes-Benz is the most common practitioner of fuel-economy overstatements, according to report.


German prosecutors in the city of Braunschweig are beginning an investigation into Martin Winterkorn for alleged fraud in VW's diesel emissions scandal. It could be years, though, before the case ever sees a courtroom.


German Automaker Adds That It Supports Better Emissions-Testing Improvements

Mercedes-Benz parent says its vehicles have never included emissions-manipulating software.

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