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The arms race between car companies and spy photographers heats up in the era of drones.

The world isn't designed for autonomous cars, but Audi is trying to change that.

German officials are asking Tesla to stop using the term "autopilot" in its advertising entirely.

This is not the first time someone has a problem with the autonomous tech.

Pay attention, people.

Small, funky SUVs are the rage and Hyundai wants in.

Daimler's first EQ EV concept vehicle was shown off at Paris Motor Show last month.

Mercedes-Benz parent wants to cut costs as it prepares to introduce its EQ electric-vehicle sub-brand.

DHL said automakers rejected requests to make EVs years ago.

Growth in automotive outsourcing set the stage for DHL to produce its own electric trucks.

It's not legally binding, but a ban on internal combustion could potentially spread across the entire European Union.

DHL won't really be competing with automakers, but sort of.

What started as a project could upset the delivery industry.

Driver input works in tandem with self-driving tech.

Driver input works in tandem with self-driving tech.

If you have to get out of your car, get off the track as soon as possible.

Like the video says: it's a good thing to warn other drivers of an accident, but do it behind the guardrail.

VW announces joint-venture agreement with China-based Jianghuai.

A billion people. A billion EVs?

German supplier even had a code-word for the cheat device.

US consumers say Bosch informed VW that it wanted to be legally protected for making the emissions cheat device.

Germany also suggests the EC have another chat with Italian authorities.

Under suspicion: Fiat 500X, Fiat Doblo, and Jeep Renegade.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen and CARB continue testing in the US.

Three-cylinder TDI engines were never sold in the United States.

Yeah, it's bulletproof.

The Vitronic Enforcement Trailer is a speed demon's worst nightmare.

BMW leads automakers, while Renault Zoe leads models among new plug-ins.

Germans buy about 1,800 EVs and PHEVs during the first month of government's incentive program.

Bavaria wants some of its lost money back.

The Bavarians are not pleased.

Even though the midfield has come alive, the off-track issues at the 2016 German F1 Grand Prix are more interesting than the racing. We recap what happened on the circuit and beyond it heading into the four-week summer break.

Teardrop-shaped three-wheeler breaks record on Audi's track.

You could go around the world with fuel to spare.

The recording devices would monitor when driverless systems are active, when a human takes over, and when the computers call for human intervention.

Germany is offering EV perks worth $4,400 to boost adoption.

The increase in orders is for the updated, longer-range i3.

VW also faces penalties in Germany and South Korea.

Volkswagen has had a stop-sale on US diesel vehicles since September, and reached a settlement with the EPA in June.

German Ministry of Transport just requires that VW return cars "to a legally compliant condition."

There's anger in Germany as the Ministry of Transport announced that Volkswagen will not face any fines over its diesel emissions cheating scandal.

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