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    Italian traffic cameras investigated for red-light rigging that may have cost motorists $1.7M

    Red may be their national racing color, but there's little Italians hate more than red lights. And with good reason, it turns out: Stefano Arrighetti, creator of the T-Redspeed "smart" traffic system implemented across Italy, is under investigation for fraud on suspicion that he illegally forged ...

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    NaviGONE: Portable GPS system theft reportedly up 700%

    More and more people are adding electronic gadgetry to their car's arsenal after their initial purchase, which often makes sense since it almost always costs less to add audio equipment or GPS navigation from an aftermarket company than it does to spec if from the factory. Sadly, recent statistics ...

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    Need for Speed franchise splitting into trio

    Click above for a high-res gallery of screenshots from coming Need for Speed titles
    Electronic Arts, the folks who recently brought us Need for Speed: Undercover, are now working on three (possibly four) new titles in the franchise. According to EA, they're just trying to "keep the game fresh and ...

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    Pirelli working with Brembo and Magneti Marelli on Cyber Tire

    Pirelli's Cyber Tire will provide real-time tire performance information via a chip/transponder setup in the tire tread. Operating temperature and pressures, typology of the road's surface, and vertical load exerted on the tire will be among the data collected and monitored. The system will work in ...

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    Audi details new MMI

    Audi's MMI in-car command system is one of the most intuitive offered by an OEM, but that isn't stopping Audi from piling on the improvements. The screen is now a seven-inch, 800x400 TFT display, being fed info from a high-capacity hard disk, a DVD drive, and an NVIDIA graphics chip. It also gets ...

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    New police pursuit-ending device inspired by Spiderman, squid

    Click above for a walk-through of how the SQUID works
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Science & Technology Directorate has been working with a research firm in Arizona that has come up with the Safe Quick Undercarriage Immobilization Device (SQUID). The SQUID is designed to safely, ...

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    CES 2009: Hands on with D-Box and Simcraft racing simulators

    They're more than glorified game consoles with force-feedback steering wheels strapped to a lounge chair. Costing as much as $44,000 apiece, they're racing simulators, and we got to play with a couple of them at CES.Simcraft says its $44K model is meant for training real race car drivers, like ...

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    WHOOP WHOOP: Free software turns Mac remote into alarm fob

    Oh, yes. This is so very geeky, but also good for a laugh or two. Download this little piece of software to give your computer the same level of remote-controlled safety your car probably enjoys. Using the remote that came with your Mac (Windows, Linux and Amiga users need not apply), you can arm ...

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    Dean Kamen pondering giving up on Segway

    Is the Segway a failure? That's the question that inventor Dean Kamen is reportedly grappling with, as the so-called Human or Personal Transporter has failed to live up to the sales goals set for it when it was launched back in 2001 with a great deal of fanfare. In fact, it was so hyped when first ...

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    CES 2009: The cars of CES Part II

    Click above to view a high-res gallery of the cars of CES 2009
    While CES is and should be known for its unabashed display of geekery, it has also become a venue to display some top-notch custom automobiles. Take for instance the Ford Flex at Sony's XPlod display. Sony says it wears an ...

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    CES 2009: Dodge Journey to get OnStar-like features this summer

    On our final night in Vegas, Hughes Telematics invited us over to talk about their work in... well... telematics. Among their demo vehicles was a Dodge Journey outfitted with what is essentially Chrysler's version of OnStar. The Journey will be Chrysler's first product with the service and should ...

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    CES 2009: Alpine keeps in touch with iPod users

    Alpine has had iPod compatibility for years, but the user interface has been decidedly un-Apple. Alpine hopes to rectify matter with its new touch-screen iXA-W404 unit works, which boasts a new interface, new features and all the connected goodies audiophiles on the move require.iPod and iPhone ...

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    CES 2009: Navigon takes routing personal

    Navigon and Rand McNally have teamed up to develop some interesting new GPS features that make it easier for users to personalize their trips.Landmark View 3D is s a $40 upgrade for Navigon's 2200T model and has the ability to display 600 North American landmark buildings in 3D to aid directions... ...

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    Scuderia Ferrari to bring back troubled pit-lane traffic lights system

    Sometimes the best approach is the simplest, but that kind of attitude doesn't always fly in the high-tech haven that is Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello. Traditionally, one pit crew member would stand beside a Formula One car in the pit lane box holding a small sign on a long shaft to signal ...

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    CES 2009: Visteon shows off dashboard of the future

    Click above for high-res image gallery of Visteon's CES 2009 display
    Visteon, a major supplier of automotive instrument panels, has a vision for future car interiors that will soon give you a different view of your dashboard.One of the most interesting ideas Visteon has developed is a ...

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    CES 2009: Hands on with heat-sensing FLIR-equipped BMW

    Click above to view a high-res gallery of photos from FLIR's CES 2009 demo.
    Just like we thought, FLIR wasn't on board with our plan to drive their night-vision BMW through the Nevada desert, but we did get to check out the car's in-dash display.Our demo was indoors only, though we still got a ...

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    CES 2009: Add V8 sound on an I4 budget

    ATTENTION HYBRID CAR DRIVERS: Are you feeling depressed? Inadequate? Does your spouse look at you the same way she/he did 20 years ago? Are you able to satisfy their needs? Is your commute a drudgery in monotonous mediocrity?Now you can feel decades younger, impress your fellow commuters and give ...

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    CES 2009: SYNC could one day add app development like iPhone

    Ford's head of electronics told Autoblog today that the future of SYNC is already in the works, including the possibility of one day opening up the platform to the developer community. Jim Buczkowski, Ford's director of electronics and electrical systems said he sees SYNC as a platform on which ...

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    CES 2009: Ford shows off future of SYNC, Best Buy partnership

    On top of those new SYNC features we've already told you about, Ford showed off what its SYNC system might one day look like with configurable controls and a personal assistant "avatar" named Eva. The concept is meant to provide a more human interface with the vehicle to help drivers be ...

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    CES 2009: Sony Xplods with new automotive units

    Sony is expanding its Xplod car stereo lineup with eight new models, including the company's first double-din unit in several years.The most feature-filled of the new models is Sony's MEX-BT5700U model (in photo above) with a front USB port for music players including iPhone and iPod. Its Bluetooth ...


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