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    Audi centennial timepiece celebrates 100 years on four wheels with four hands

    Audi teamed up with Munich-based watchmaker Chronoswiss to create the Tachoscope, celebrating 100 years of Audi. The mechanical timepiece has a chronograph and tachometer function (to measure velocity) inspired by the Auto Unions that helped define the Audi adventure: the second hand's numerals are ...

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    Fast Connection: Cadillac adds WiFi to CTS options list

    Perhaps as part of a thoughtful move to combine two of the major aspects of the Autoblog lifestyle, Cadillac has just announced that it will offer full WiFi access in its CTS sport sedan beginning next month.The dealer-installed option will cost $499, and Cadillac says the Autonet Mobile system ...

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    This One's For the Kids: Automoblox holding snapshot contest

    Automoblox are some of our favorite playthings, and our kids like them, too. When a little cherub wraps baby-fat fingers around the C9 perched on the edge of the desk, rather than grit our teeth, we just wait to see what kind of assemblage will emerge. That free play time can now be worth cash ...

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    Bugatti Vela 3-Speed: Not exactly the Veyron of blenders

    UPDATE: No, this Bugatti is totally unrelated to the automotive brand, but we're not the first internet chumps to get Casa Bugatti crossed up with the storied car brand. You'd expect that a Bugatti-branded blender would follow the lead of its Veyron sibling, with enough power to liquefy concrete. ...

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    Here's Mud In Your Eye: Ford Raptor gets new microsite

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the F-150 Raptor driving simulator
    Ford is looking to drum up some extra interest in its F-150 SVT Raptor off-road specialist ahead of its actual on-sale date (which is still only listed as "coming soon") with the introduction of a new dedicated microsite that ...

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    New SuperCar Challenge for PS3 under development

    Click above for high-res gallery of SuperCar Challenge screen caps
    System 3 has a follow-up title to last year's Ferrari Challenge: SuperCar Challenge. The new game will offer 40 cars to choose from, not all of which are Ferraris this team. The roster will include such cars as the Aston Martin ...

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    Self-inflating tire technology captures innovation award

    The Tire Technology of the Year award, handed out at the Tire Technology Expo in Hamburg, Germany, has been awarded to the creators of the Self-Inflating Tire at Coda Development. While "self-inflating" tires aren't new to the market (especially in the commercial industry), nearly all of the ...

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    Mitsubishi unveils in-dash Blu Ray player

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MEC) wants to be able to offer a 1 DIN Blu-ray DVD player in the 2009 fiscal year. The unit, 1/3 the size of an at-home Blue-ray player, will not only fit in a standard dash slot but will also play BD-ROM, BD-R, and BD-RE discs. MEC says the kit is expected to go ...

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    Hughes Telematics working on downloadable apps for vehicles

    What's good for the iPhone is apparently good for the sedan. Hughes Telematics is working up a suite of programs that will work with its in-car communications technology and allow you to download applications for your car. From tailored data collection to controlling your car's systems with your ...

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    Smooth Operator: Porsche Design releases new P'9522 phone

    Click above to view the Porsche Design P'9522 mobile phone in high resolution
    Say what you will about Porsche's automotive design, its product design is at the cutting edge of style and technology. The company's merchandizing division, Porsche Design, has just upped the ante with its latest ...

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    French Connection: Citroen launches merchandise line to coincide with DS revival

    Click above to view the Citroen DS line of accessories in high resolution
    The time has come for the Citroen DS to rise out of the ashes. While the classic French automobile was being named the most beautiful in history by a panel of the world's top automotive designers and a rare example sold at ...

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    New vehicle wraps claim to increase fuel economy by as much as 25%

    Say you've got a company making plastic vehicle wraps for advertising. One day, you drive your graphic'd-up car to the golf course, and after losing three balls trying to drive across a water hazard, you get to pondering the golf ball itself. Those distinctive dimples on the surface of a golf ball ...

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    Fraunhofer developing 3D dashboard

    Click above to enlarge
    The tried-and-true needle and dial dash has been a staple of the modern automobile, and aside from a brief stint in the '80s when digital gauges were a popular (if not entirely reliable) option, not much has changed in the dash department. Recognizing that another revolution ...

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    One Fast Hard Drive: Acer's latest Ferrari 1200 laptop

    While Ferrari prepares the replacement to the F430 and its racing team continues to fine-tune the new F60 ahead of the Formula One season opener, the company's tech partner Acer has released the latest addition to its Prancing Horse-emblazoned laptop range. Called the Acer Ferrari 1200, the new ...

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    $2M DiMora Natalia SLS 2 to get - wait for it - world's first MP3-enabled horn

    Spend two million bucks on a car, and you'll get to have whatever the hell you want as a horn tone. Alfred DiMora is back, adding more splashy aftermarket items to the list of standard equipment on his Natalia vaporware sport luxury sedan. DiMora Motorcar has decided that the Horntones system will ...

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    Italian traffic cameras investigated for red-light rigging that may have cost motorists $1.7M

    Red may be their national racing color, but there's little Italians hate more than red lights. And with good reason, it turns out: Stefano Arrighetti, creator of the T-Redspeed "smart" traffic system implemented across Italy, is under investigation for fraud on suspicion that he illegally forged ...

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    NaviGONE: Portable GPS system theft reportedly up 700%

    More and more people are adding electronic gadgetry to their car's arsenal after their initial purchase, which often makes sense since it almost always costs less to add audio equipment or GPS navigation from an aftermarket company than it does to spec if from the factory. Sadly, recent statistics ...

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    Need for Speed franchise splitting into trio

    Click above for a high-res gallery of screenshots from coming Need for Speed titles
    Electronic Arts, the folks who recently brought us Need for Speed: Undercover, are now working on three (possibly four) new titles in the franchise. According to EA, they're just trying to "keep the game fresh and ...

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    Pirelli working with Brembo and Magneti Marelli on Cyber Tire

    Pirelli's Cyber Tire will provide real-time tire performance information via a chip/transponder setup in the tire tread. Operating temperature and pressures, typology of the road's surface, and vertical load exerted on the tire will be among the data collected and monitored. The system will work in ...

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    Audi details new MMI

    Audi's MMI in-car command system is one of the most intuitive offered by an OEM, but that isn't stopping Audi from piling on the improvements. The screen is now a seven-inch, 800x400 TFT display, being fed info from a high-capacity hard disk, a DVD drive, and an NVIDIA graphics chip. It also gets ...


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