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The Department of Homeland Security doesn't consider some state IDs compliant under a security law, and it might not accept them from air travelers in 2016.


A German production company is developing a documentary on the real-life race that inspired the Cannonball Run movie, and is looking for historical footage.


Would you rather spend $2,300 for a beater full-size Jeep Wrangler or for a 1/8-scale, all-electric replica of the classic off-roader?


For the third year running, Ford will be handing out Revell snap-kit models to kids at the Detroit Auto Show - this time in the form of the new Ford GT. But if you miss your chance, they'll be available for sale in April.

Disappointments, all of you. Looking back at 2015, these are the cars that won't spark any fond memories.


Warship Will Fire Guns In Salute To Iowa Football Team

The USS Iowa will fire its five-inch guns in support of the University of Iowa football team ahead of the 2016 Rose Bowl game.


Honda officially began deliveries of the new HA-420 HondaJet on Christmas Eve when the first customer took possession of his aircraft at the factory in Greensboro, NC.


Henrik Fisker is dipping his toes in the water in partnership with Italian shipyard Benetti to design a new line of superyachts as long as ten Karmas parked end to end.


Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, Happy Honda Days. Whatever you say and celebrate, we wish you all the best.


A Festivus For The Rest Of Us!

As is a Festivus tradition, the Autoblog editors air some of their automotive grievances. We've got a lot of problems with this industry...


There's a go-kart for sale on Craigslist in northern Maryland, powered by a Boeing jet turbine engine.


The national average price for a gallon of gas has dropped below $2.00 in the US, according to AAA, because there's a massive supply of oil in the world market.


This 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL had a role in bringing Mercedes to Vancouver, and it just sold for $1.9 million.


A Texas man's "romantic" gesture stopped traffic on I-45 in Houston over the weekend as he blocked the road to propose to his girlfriend.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US is investigating reports of fires and falls to determine whether or not self-balancing hoverboards are safe.


Cameras captured a dramatic crash in the Czech Republic when a train hit a semi as the truck tried to cross the tracks in time.


Openbay, an online marketplace app connecting customers to repair shops, has added a feature that allows mechanics to exchange photos and videos with customers.


Look Beyond The Small-Block Chevy And Air-Cooled VW

Some engines were made for decades and moved entire nations. Which one most deserves more recognition?


Computers translate brain signals into motion. The driver's brain can even control the brakes and the door locks.


This video shows a Porsche 911 with a hood-mounted clay pigeon launcher, and it stars a master marksman.


If You Could Opt Out Of Emissions-Reducing Hardware, Would You?

Governments now enforce emissions laws. What if you could choose to comply or not comply?

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