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FCA sold just 300 Chrysler 300s there last year.

'I will throw down the gauntlet and challenge him any day.'

Uber's VTOL chief responds to Musk's opinions about flying taxis.

Three sounds appropriate for various situations.

It isn't replacing jail time or fines, but its an interesting idea.

TOKYO - Japanese robotics maker ZMP Inc has partnered with a taxi operator in Tokyo, as part of its plans to launch a self-driving taxi in the city in time for the 2020 Olympics, CEO Hisashi Taniguchi said on Thursday. Japan's taxi industry, faced with a labor crunch due to an aging population, has been looking at new technologies to drive growth. The sector may also have to deal with more competition in the future if the government allows ride-sharing services such as Uber to operate across th

Freeway ramp panhandlers are a hot topic.

The first model year of the most cartoonishly oversized SUV of the 2000s

The Excursion was the sport utility vehicle that answered the question, How big is too big?

Superintendent cites funding, 'competing values,' 4.25 million visitors.

Old roads, limited funding, heavy traffic, and vulnerable wildlife pose big challenges in the national park.

More of a powered paraglider with wheels.

This in a city where a 200-square-foot micro aparatment can cost a half-mil.

The downsized and mostly overlooked sixth generation of the Lincoln Mark Series.

The only one of the Continental Mark Series based on the Ford Panther platform, the Mark VI was built for just the 1980 through 1983 model years and is a very rare find today. Here's a largely intact example in a California self-service wrecking yard.

He talks around the topic while there's plenty of evidence Apple has something in the works.

Honda Sensing is standard on some trim levels.

75 million viewers have tuned in. The league's second season begins next week.

Lyft's approach is far different than Uber's.

The months-long investigation was headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder.

This is why we wear our seat belts, everyone.

Stretching the meaning of affordable to the limit.

As expected, it's a beautiful and high-quality product.

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