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    The fate of a Range Rover is in your hands, people

    Click above to watch Ryan's call to actionRyan Mickle, seen above and apparently afraid of no ghosts, has had a change of heart since purchasing his Range Rover Sport new in 2006. Since then, gas prices have shot through the roof and fighting climate change has become a favorite global pastime. ...

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    Grease Me Up: Lube sweepstakes giving away a '57 T-Bird

    Spend a couple of minutes surfing the net and you'll find all sorts of contests giving away all sorts of prizes. The best of them – ahem, like the Autoblog Relaunch Celebration Sweepstakes we ran a year back – give away a new car. But how about an old car? We mean, like a classic... a ...

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    End of Autoblog's Father's Day Sweepstakes, congrats to the winners!

    Our week long string of sweepstakes to celebrate Father's Day has concluded with DJohnson being randomly chosen as the winner of our final sweepstake's prize, a TomTom ONE 3rd Edition GPS navigation system. All of the winners have been contacted and we'll be sending the prizes out next week. Thanks ...

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    Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 5: TomTom ONE 3rd Edition

    We've reached the end of our week-long marathon of Father's Day sweepstakes, and we think you'll agree, we've saved the best for last. Our final sweepstakes is for a TomTom ONE 3rd Edition portable navigation system. Valued at $199, the ONE 3rd Edition is TomTom's entry-level model but features a ...

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    Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 4: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Dual Shock Controller

    I had preordered Gran Turismo 5 and a new Dualshock 3 controller for myself before they were available, but Sony sent us a copy of the game and a controller to try out before my own stuff arrived (Our review of the game is pending as we're still working on getting as far into the game as possible). ...

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    Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 3: Automoblox, of course

    What's a sweepstakes on Autoblog without some Automoblox cars as prizes? Not much, so we rang Patrick Calello, the designer who dreams up these heirloom-quality toys, and he's graciously provided both a C9R sportscar ($39.99) and S9R sports sedan ($39.99) for us to give away. Unlike the last two ...

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    Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 2: Bentley and Bond in Devil May Care

    Congratulations to the winners of yesterday's sweepstakes prizes who include bfaukner, policyvote, Shortt Sirket, Ralph M and Nora Scott-Platt. As for which won the mind-numbingly bitchin' Chevy Astro keychain, they'll all have to check their mailboxes to find out. As promised, the prizes get ...

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    Father's Day Sweepstakes, Day 1: Keychains!

    Yesterday was Father's Day and we decided that a series of sweepstakes was in order to celebrate the modern day patriarch. We'll be hosting one sweepstakes per day this week in honor of dear old Dad, so whether you are one or just have one, we hope you enter for a chance to win some fun stuff. ...

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    Automobile Mag hands out Funky Ergonomics Awards

    The scholars over at Automobile magazine have handed out their "Funky Ergonomics Awards" this year. As expected, BMW's iDrive and 7 Series interior (shown above) remains their favorite pincushion. Rightly so. Their list includes convenience keys that are downright inconvenient, window switches ...

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    Anna Kournikova can always fall back on car washing

    Honestly, who cares if Anna Kournikova never won a Grand Slam title in single play? She seems to be doing just fine these days, buoyed by her budding modeling career. So, while certain statistics may cast a shadow over her professional tennis career, there is no doubting her physical beauty. ...

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    Tata to enter two vehicles in Automotive X Prize

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Tata Nano.Up until today, there were no major automobile manufacturers taking part in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize. That changes with Tata Motors signing a letter of intent to compete in both the Alternative and Mainstream classes. The ...

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    Design students envision a modern Model-T

    Photo: KEVIN A. WILSON, AutoweekRecently, Ford Motor Company sponsored a contest with the goal of modernizing the iconic Model T, a car which revolutionized motorized transportation the world over. The winner of the competition, a 24-year-old junior at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit ...

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    In India, Kama Sutra inspires young car designer

    We've heard the styling of some Italian cars being referred to as sensual before, so it comes as little surprise that the Italian styling firm Pininfarina's interest was piqued when it heard that a young Indian's car designs were inspired by the ancient love-making guide Kama Sutra. Ramesh Gound, a ...

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    VIDEO: Six records broken at Crusty Demons Night of World Records

    After a three-way jump-off between Robbie Maddison, Ryan Capes and Seth Enslow at Calder Park on March 28 in Melbourne, Australia, a new world record for the longest distance jump from ramp to ramp on a motorcycle was set at over 351 feet by Robbie Maddison. In fact, the record was beaten twice ...

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    Anybody want to win a Mario themed VW Beetle?

    Earlier this month, it was revealed that Mario Kart would continue its succession up the ranks of Nintendo gaming systems with the Wii version appearing on April 27. As we said before, we're more interested in realistic driving simulators, but when we found out that a real car would be given away ...

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    Grand Prix: Renault F1 opens internship program

    Click the image above to view in high resolutionIf you're a recently graduated or soon to graduate student in a technical or scientific field, listen up, because this could very well be the internship that could jump-start your career. Every year for the past five, the Renault F1 team has picked ...

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    VIDEO: News van drivers go drag racing (legally)

    Click above to view video after the jump Driving a news van can be a real drag. Evidently so, as news crews from KDBC-TV and KVIA-TV in El Paso, Texas took it literally during their coverage of opening night at El Paso Motorplex. In response to the crowd's wishes, both overweight vans -- packing ...

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    Yee-haw! Toyota Tundra named TOTY by... farmers?

    Click above to view more high-res shots of the Toyota Tundra Congrats to the Toyota Tundra. It has just been named "Truck of the Year" by Farm Industry News, a leading product and technology magazine for "high-income, Midwestern farmers" (their words, not ours). Though an accolade from FIM ...

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    New York '08 Preview: World Car of the Year finalists announced

    With the New York Auto Show just around the corner in late March, the organization behind the "World Car of the Year" Awards has revealed its top three finalists. The top vehicles in each of four categories were chosen by an international panel of 47 automotive journalists reportedly committed to ...

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    Ducati 1098 named the 2008 International Bike of the Year

    Ducati and its awe-inspiring 1098 has delivered a knockout blow to its competitors with the 2008 International Bike of the Year trophy, winning the coveted award with 22 total votes, 13 higher than the next closest motorcycle, the Triumph Street Triple. This award goes to the best motorcycle of ...


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