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    Second winner in Mustang Unleashed contest drag races teacher on Pinks [w/VIDEO]

    Derek Murrell and his drag racing 2010 Mustang - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    For the second installment of Ford's "The '10 Unleashed" contest, the Mustang is going to the drag strip. Last time, Ford gave a blind man the opportunity to drive, and this time around, a kid fresh out of ...

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    Chip Foose builds a custom 2010 Ford Mustang that you can win

    2010 Foose Ford Mustang GT - click above for a high-res gallery
    If you've ever seen Chip Foose at work, it's hard not to admire the guy. He's got more natural talent in his pinky finger than most of us car guys can dream of, and each of the vehicles he builds ends up being a work of art. He ...

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    Caption Contest: Opel Corsa Southfield MI Edition

    Forlorn Opel Corsa 1.7 CDTI in Southfield, MI – Click above for high-res gallery
    We don't normally have caption contests around here, but when loyal tipster Dominic sent us some photos of this curious sighting, we couldn't resist poking a bit of fun. Not only is it a bit odd to find an Opel ...

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    2009 World Car of the Year finalists announced

    Less than one month from now, the 2009 World Car of the Year Award winner will be announced at the New York Auto Show. The international jury panel (chosen by the World Car Steering Committee on the basis of experience, expertise, credibility and influence) has whittled down the original list of ...

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    Mazda President and CEO James O'Sullivan named Automotive Executive of the Year

    Joining the ranks of Carroll Shelby, Rick Wagoner, Henry Ford II, Robert Eaton, Lee Iacocca and John DeLorean (to name just a few), James O'Sullivan will receive the 2009 Automotive Executive of the Year Award at an invitation-only luncheon at the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) in May. O'Sullivan is ...

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    Oddest casino prize of the month? YES! Roadster

    Click the image above for more high resolution photos of the YES! Roadster
    The first time I ever walked into a casino, there was a BMW Z3 sitting on a turntable atop a bank of slot machines. All I needed were three red sevens and I could drive it right out of the Rio in Las Vegas. I played those ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes final winner chosen

    The 2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes has concluded with Autoblog reader Nam randomly chosen as the winner of our Day 7 sweeps. Nam will receive a DashDAQ Series II valued at $549. If you're him or her, please check your email to verify your eligibility and claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 7: DashDAQ Series II

    Click above to learn more about what the DashDAQ Series II can do
    We've reached the final prize of our week's worth of 2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes, and we think we've saved the best for last. The prize for Day 7 is a DashDAQ Series II valued at $549. If you're unfamiliar with DashDAQ and ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 6: TomTom XL330·S

    Click above to view TomTom's full line of portable navigation systems
    We suspect that one of the most popular gift this holiday season will be portable navigation systems. Their prices are plummeting and every day new features are being added to these magical maps-in-a-box. TomTom is arguably one ...

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    Winners for 21st Century London bus contest include... Aston Martin?

    Click above to enlarge the winning designs for a 21st Century Routemaster bus
    The New Bus for London competition has come to an end. Two proposals were chosen from the large group of entrants by a series of judges, and the winners have just been announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson. The ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 5: Original Rob Ijbema "A German affair at St. Petersburg" painting

    Click above to visit Car-A-Day and browse for your next piece of wall art
    The holiday gifts keep on comin' courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Autoblog and partners such as Rob Ijbema. You may remember not too long ago that we featured Rob's website, Car-A-Day, on Autoblog. We were duly ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 4: CarMD for two

    Click above to visit CarMD where you can order your own
    Today's prizes for the 2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes are two CarMD handheld diagnostic tools. These useful little handheld scanners plug into your car's OBD-2 port (accessible on all 1996 and newer vehicles) and diagnose any problems ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 3: C'était un Rendezvous and Snake and the Stallion on DVD (plus BONUS)

    Click above to get £10 off the Snake and the Stallion using coupon code AUTOBLOG01
    Today's prizes come courtesy of Spirit Level Films, which has a real treat in store for Autoblog readers. We're giving away copies of both C'était un Rendezvous and the Snake and the Stallion on DVD to ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 2: Automoblox T9-SE Signature Series

    Click above to visit the Automoblox Store
    It wouldn't be an Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes without giving away something from Automoblox. This year we have the toy car company's newest and most exclusive model: the T9-SE Signature Series. The first truly limited edition Automoblox model, the T9-SE ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 1: New Additions For Your Auto Library

    Click above to visit
    We begin our 2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes with a few items to bolster your library of auto-related books. All three come courtesy of Motorbooks, the world's leading publisher and distributor of enthusiast books. The first, Nissan GT-R: Legendary ...

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    24 Hours of LeMons 2008: Part III - The build

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Tinkerbell Rosso build-up
    Not to be confused with the "24 Hours of LeMans" (that zooty French endurance race), the "24 Hours of LeMons" is an event comprised of low-budget $500 race cars, i.e. lemons. The so-called "crap-car enduro" has enticed various ...

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    Opel/Vauxhall Insignia wins European Car of the Year by single point

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia
    Looks like there won't be much of a fiesta for Ford this year, as the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia has captured the 2009 European Car of the Year award by just one point over the hot little hatch with the big blue oval on its snout. Scoring ...

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    Automotive X-Prize recommends EPA adopt MGEe rating

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt
    Now that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has an agreement with General Motors regarding how to measure the fuel mileage of the 2011 Chevy Volt, our attention turns to the EPA, which now has to decide what official mileage ...

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    Ford seeking directors for Mustang movies

    Click above for more high resolution photos of the Mustang BullittIf you want to be the next critically acclaimed filmmaker, the Ford Mustang may be your ticket to an audience of millions. Ford and are teaming up on a contest to see who can create the best Mustang-themed script. ...

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    Scion's newest ad campaign puts reader's rides on billboards

    Scion owners recently submitted pics of their personalized vehicles, including tC, xA, xB, and xD models, to the company for evaluation. The loyal owners were participating in Scion's "United by Individuality" brand campaign, designed to put individuals' modified vehicles in magazines, on ...


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