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By the Numbers

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    By the Numbers - January 2010: Total Recall Edition

    Toyota Motor Company falls 16%, FoMoCo up 25% How do you know if a recall has affected your sales? If you find yourself below the Chrysler Group in sales performance. That's exactly what happened to Toyota Motor Company in January 2010, as the early effects of its sticking pedal recall sank sales ...

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    By the Numbers - 2009: Up and Down Year Ends Down For Most Edition

    Subaru, Kia and Hyundai increase alone, FoMoCo loses least Most automakers giving themselves a pat on the back for a strong sales performance in December should take a second look at the books. A good month of sales to finish off a crappy year still equals a crappy year of sales. The chart below ...

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    By the Numbers - December 2009: Strong Finish Edition

    Industry finishes year strong with Ford up 33% and GM down 6% It appears that all your Toyotathons, Nissan A-Z Year End Events and Ford Year-End Sales Events worked their magic in the month of December, as the final 31 days of 2009 saw positive sales for most brands and automakers in the U.S. The ...

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    By the Numbers - November 2009: Strengthen Your Core Edition

    Hyundai up 46%, Nissan up 30% and all GM core brands positive It's pretty easy to stage a comeback when a prior year's monthly sales are so dismal, but that still doesn't dull the sheen off what happened last month for auto sales in the U.S. Not surprisingly, Hyundai continues its winning ways ...

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    By the Numbers - October 2009: Green is Growing Edition

    Hyundai, Kia and Subaru all report +40% increase in sales If you've been paying attention to recent editions of By the Numbers, you'll have noticed that the amount of green on our chart below is growing. Month after month, more and more brands and manufacturers are managing to produce sales ...

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    By The Numbers - September 2009: Post C4C, We're All Alright Edition

    Here it is, the first full month of sales after the government's popular Cash for Clunkers has ended. The expected result – that auto sales would plummet once the feds stopped handing out free money in exchange for clunkers – didn't exactly happen. Nine brands posted positive sales in ...

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    By the Numbers - August 2009: Cash for Clunkers Edition

    FoMoCo sales up 17%, GM and Chrysler improve but still losing sales After reviewing the U.S. auto industry's sales numbers for August 2009, the true effect of the government's Cash for Clunkers program has come into crystal clear focus. There are those automakers that were prepared for this ...

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    By the Numbers - July 2009: Turn of the Tide Edition

    Subaru sales up 34%, Ford Motor Company finally posts positive numbers Is the tide turning? Do all those green boxes below indicate that the sweeping current of auto sales ennui has subsided? That's a tough question to answer considering that the government's Cash for Clunkers rebate program began ...

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    By the Numbers - June 2009: Bankruptcy a Bad Idea Edition

    FoMoCo falls only 11%, Chrysler Group drops 42%Want more proof that Ford Motor Company made the right move in avoiding bankruptcy, unlike General Motors and the Chrysler Group, its cross-town rivals? Sales figures for the month of June 2009 show that Ford sharply lessened its sales slide with a ...

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    By the Numbers - May 2009: GM and Ford Surprise Edition

    We weren't expecting this, especially from General Motors, which was forced to sell cars and trucks last month amidst rumors of impending bankruptcy (something that came to fruition as soon as the month was over). Despite this, GM posted a decrease in sales volume of only 29.55%. Sure, GM's sales ...

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    By The Numbers: April 2009 - More of the Same, With a Twist Edition

    We're doing something new for this month's By the Numbers – ordering each brand and automaker by the most number of vehicles sold to the least. We used to order everything alphabetically, but figured this way easily surfaced an extra facet of information. On to the numbers. Not a single brand ...

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    By the Numbers - March 2009: Ain't No Joke Edition

    Despite today being April Fools' Day, not one of the sales figures reported by automakers below for the month of March 2009 is a joke. The U.S. auto industry's sales slide continues, and despite the overall market selling more vehicles in March versus February, nearly all brands fell versus the ...

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    By the Numbers - February 2009: Wish It Were A Leap Year Edition

    One more day in February wouldn't have done much to salvage yet another bad month of sales for the U.S. auto industry, but it wouldn't have hurt. All of the big automakers saw sales down around 40% or more last month compared to February 2008. Chrysler Co. (-44%), Ford Motor Company (-48.4%) and ...

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    By the Numbers - January 2009: Not So Happy New Year Edition

    All the numbers are in for the first month of sales in 2009... and they aren't pretty. Chrysler LLC and General Motors continue to lead the pack with sales drops of 54.8% and 48.8%, respectively. While the overall economy is weak and access to credit limited, the fact that Americans watched both ...

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    By The Numbers - 2008: Phew! Glad That's Over Edition

    We didn't know sales for the U.S. auto industry in 2008 would be this bad when the year began, but it sure ended on a fitting note. Over the past six months or so we've seen the U.S. auto sales market nearly collapse and almost take our own domestic auto industry with it. Nevertheless, there were a ...

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    By The Numbers - December 2008: I Want My Mommy Edition

    The U.S. auto industry hasn't experienced a worse year of sales in recent memory, so it's fitting that 2008 should close with December sales data that's no better than the previous disappointing months.The only green you'll see below is next to MINI, which beat out December 2007 sales by only four ...

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    By the Numbers - November 2008: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime Edition

    GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota all down over 30%While the Detroit 3 have their hands out in front of Congress, the entire U.S. auto industry turned in a report of dismal November sales today. Every major automaker saw its sales crash and crash hard last month, and the only brand to gain ground ...

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    By the Numbers - October 2008: "Thanks, GMAC!" Edition

    Sales for the month of October 2008 were... ahem... not good. The auto industry in the U.S. has found a way to slide further into oblivion with only a few bright spots from Audi and MINI, the latter of which enjoyed monster sales last month we suspect on account of greater production capacity this ...

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    By the Numbers - September 2008: Nobody Wins Edition

    We're not waiting for Suzuki to reveal its September 2008 sales results any longer, as it is highly unlikely that the little Japanese brand will arise as the only brand/automaker to post positive numbers this month. Take a good look below, as it's the first time since we started publishing sales ...

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    By the Numbers - August 2008: New Digs Edition

    Check it out. We've completely revamped By the Numbers to convey more sales information than before in a much easier to digest way. Now we'll be reporting both the change in monthly sales volume for each brand and automaker as well as the change in their Daily Sales Rate or average number of ...


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