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By the Numbers

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    By The Numbers: October 2011: Pillowcases of Candy Edition [UPDATE]

    Some automakers returned from trick or treating last night with pillowcases full of great sales numbers, and others wish they had stopped at a few more houses. The biggest winner continues to be the Chrysler Group, which for the month of October 2011 posted a sales gain of 27 percent versus the ...

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    By The Numbers: September 2011 - What Double-Dip Recession Edition

    The U.S. auto industry appears to be roaring based on sales figures for the month of September 2011. This, despite every other economic indicator wafting between stagnant growth for the economy and an outright plunge into another recession. Don't tell the folks selling cars in these great United ...

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    By The Numbers: August 2011: Slow Recovery Edition [UPDATE]

    Chrysler Continues Climb, Japan Begins Rebound There's some good news and some not-so-good news when dissecting sales figures for August of 2011. For one, Chrysler posted notable gains for all of its brands, especially Jeep, which managed to score an impressive 58-percent sales rise over the ...

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    By The Numbers: By the Numbers - July 2011: Aftershocks Edition

    .hide{display:none} Chrysler Climbs, Honda Falls, Cruze Cruises U.S. auto sales for July 2011 can best be characterized by the resurgence of one company, Chrysler Group (up 20.05 percent), and the continued slide of another, American Honda (down 28.40 percent). Not so long ago, Chrysler was the ...

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    By The Numbers: By the Numbers - June 2011: Summer Daze Edition

    Japanese Brands Still Struggling, U.S. Brands Still Growing U.S. auto sales last month were again marked by Japan's two largest automakers, Toyota and Honda, struggling to increase production levels following the country's debilitating earthquake and tsunami back in March. Sales for both ...

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    By The Numbers: By The Numbers: May 2011 - As The Earth Quakes Edition

    The Earth Quakes, Japanese Sales Fall Overall, auto sales were down a bit in May, though there certainly were a few bright spots in the industry. For instance, the Chrysler Group, which consists of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles, posted a 10-percent sales gain for the month when compared to the ...

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    By The Numbers: By the Numbers: April 2011 - Double-Digit Edition

    April Showers Bring Double-Digit Sales Increases Lincoln, Lexus, Infiniti and Chrysler are the only nameplates that failed to boast improved sales in April of 2011 when compared to the same period one year ago. Besides those Debbie Downers, things are looking pretty darn good for automakers in ...

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    By the Numbers - March 2011: No Foolin' Edition

    Nissan Sets All-Time Record, Ford beats GM It may be a day for fools, but sales numbers reported by the U.S. auto industry today are no joke. Many sales records were set, including by Nissan, which set an all-time monthly sales record for the history of the company in March. Also, as we mentioned ...

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    By the Numbers - February 2011: Fish In A Barrel Edition

    Fusion Outsells Accord, Toyota Looks Good, GM Jumps First, a couple items of house keeping. For starters, we've decided to stop including Saturn, Pontiac and Hummer. The brands haven't sold a thing for months now, so it's safe to mark their times of death and move on only reporting sales for the ...

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    By the Numbers - January 2011: Happy New Year Indeed Edition

    Automakers Start New Year Off With Big Gains Who can argue with a January sales performance like that? Even Smart posted a sales gain! And Saab! Way to go, guys. You'd have to feel pretty bad about yourself right now if you're one of the five brands that failed to post positive sales numbers last ...

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    By the Numbers - 2010: The Year After That Really Bad Year Edition

    2010 will be forever known as the year after that really bad year. 2009 was a horrible string of days for just about everyone who had two pennies to rub together, but automakers were hit particularly hard. The only good thing for automakers about such a bad 2009 is that it made every month in ...

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    By the Numbers - December 2010: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot Edition

    December sales ended 2010 on a largely positive note for most manufacturers. You're probably more interested, however, in how these brands and companies performed for the entire year of 2010. Hold on to your Sirius satellite radios, because those numbers are on their way, but first we have to ...

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    By the Numbers - November 2010: Almost Done With Oh-Ten Edition

    Subaru, Hyundai and Kia set full-year sales records The subtitle above should surprise no one. Of all the automakers operating in the U.S., Subaru, Hyundai and Kia are the only automakers to increase sales month after month through this years-long recession while their competitors have faltered. ...

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    By the Numbers - October 2010: Trick or Treat Edition [UPDATE]

    Grand Cherokee lifts Jeep, Toyota falls hard After a couple days of delay, sales numbers for the month of October are finally in, and most automotive brands earned a treat instead of a trick. The majority of brands for sale in the U.S. achieved an increase in sales versus the same month last ...

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    By the Numbers - Sept. 2010: Couldn't Wait Until After Paris Edition

    C4C Aftermath Makes September Sales Look Great Jeez, automakers. We're busy enough covering your wares at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Couldn't you wait until Monday to release sales figures for the month of September? Such is life. We wouldn't blame you for thinking that September 2010 was a ...

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    By The Numbers - August 2010: The C4C hangover continues

    Luxury marques gain ground while volume brands suffer Just like any spending spree, there are consequences. And for the second straight month, the automakers that benefited most from Cash For Clunkers have seen their sales figures fall through the floor compared to August of last year. The program ...

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    By The Numbers - July 2010: How Soon We Forget Edition

    Domestics do well again, Toyota and Honda falter Many automakers had a positive month of sales in July, particularly the domestics, with Ford Motor Company up 3.11 percent, Chrysler Group up 4.96 percent and General Motors topping the charts with its four core brands up an impressive 24.58 percent ...

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    By the Numbers - June 2010: Not Without My Neff Edition

    Porsche Doubles Up, Domestics Swing for the Fences Our fearless Editor-in-Chief is off galavanting around the Northeast on vacation, so I've been tasked with coming up with this month's By The Numbers. Since I'm more obsessed with driving than number-crunching, there's a good chance I screwed this ...

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    By the Numbers - May 2010: Memorial for Mercury Edition

    Dodge explodes for 72.7-percent sales increase, domestics dominate May 2010 was a crazy month of sales for the U.S. auto industry. Would you have expected Ford Motor Company, riding high on a string of successful monthly sales performances, to announce the death of Mercury on the same day it posts ...

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    By the Numbers - April 2010: Don't Count Chrysler Out Edition

    Chrysler comes roaring back Sure, Chrysler Group sales were up an astonishing 25 percent last month and its dealer network deserves a pat on the back for clearly working their backsides off in April. That said, let's not forget the low bar that Chrysler had set for itself last year. Heading into ...


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