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Tesla would have you believe that everything is fine. They're probably right.

We can dream, can't we?

Autoblog's staff members select the foreign market cars they would import if they were allowed to, including fast, slow, practical, and impractical cars.

Do not shake or kick this vending machine.

The good news is car sales are up, especially in Asia.

It's still the automaker's second most successful year ever.

It's still the automaker's second most successful year ever.

A Taiwanese politician's racy funeral procession literally stopped traffic as it paraded dozens of scantily clad pole dancers through city streets last week.

Its death sentance was being imported illegally.

No part of the car was left untouched.

Dumb teenager does dumb teenage stuff.

A teenager in Singapore got off shockingly easy after he was caught on camera riding his bike across the hood of a Lamborghini last week.

Six weeks of research show that nerves soon fade.

The company has been interviewing riders pre- and post-trip in their fleet of autonomous taxis.

Over 11,000 miles with 110 cc of fury underneath him.

Hero of the year, or what?

It's black and white and read all over.

You just need to know what to look for.

It's more than meets the eye!

You know you want one.

The 2016 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix started and ended with bangs - one more literal than the other. In between, differing race strategies mixed up the field and almost mixed up the end of the race.

The combined company is valued at $35 billion.

A group of Chinese truckers sprang into action to save their town when a local levee broke and threatened the homes and lives of 23,000 of their fellow citizens.

The world's longest and highest glass bridge was put to the test yet again in a public safety demonstration in preparation for its grand opening.

Nothing ruins a lovely evening in the country like being hassled by a bunch of mosquitoes.

Tesla looks to spur Asia sales in China and South Korea.

Shanghai factory, South Korea entry, and China financing program are all part of Tesla's Asian expansion plans.

VW allegedly manipulated reports for 26 models.

Volkswagen may face charges for manipulating emissions and noise reports given to South Korean officials.

South Korea will also work with energy producers and barbecue restaurants.

South Korea government wants to broaden EV adoption and eliminate older diesels as a way to cut pollution.

Company says Teslas are only half as polluting as conventional vehicles.

Tesla electric vehicles are tested to be dirtier in Hong Kong because of coal-based power sources.

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