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2014 Toyota Corolla

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2014 Honda Civic

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Miles Driven Annually:
Compare Cost To Own 2014 Toyota Corolla2014 Honda Civic
Cost Rating                  
Cost per mile $0.51 $0.54              
Depreciation $9,875 $10,583              
Fees and Taxes $1,273 $1,356              
Financing $1,156 $1,245              
Fuel Cost $4,632 $4,681              
Insurance $5,468 $5,318              
Maintenance $2,028 $2,638              
Repairs $915 $914              
Opportunity Costs $250 $263              
Total Cost $25,597 $27,000              
  5 Year Detail 5 Year Detail        
Total Cost Comparison
Total Cost Comparison
Resale Value
Resale Value
2014 Toyota Corolla L 4dr Sedan
2014 Honda Civic LX 4dr Sedan
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Compare Pricing 2014 Toyota Corolla2014 Honda Civic
MSRP $16,800 $18,390
Market Price - -
Invoice Price $15,876 $17,100
Destination Charge $825 $820
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Monthly Car Payment
Compare Purchase Options 2014 Toyota Corolla2014 Honda Civic
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Compare the total cost of owning a 2014 Toyota Corolla against the 2014 Honda Civic by comparing fuel, financing, insurance, maintenance and other costs.
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