Nissan Altima - steering wheel problem

I have problem in my car steering system, were it is very hard to steer while start moving the vehicle or while parking, i think it is the steering system pump damage. i have changed the pump twice and just after two months of replacing the new pump the problem occurs again, please help me to identify the cause

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1 answer

  • If you are not loosing fluid, then I'd take a look at the steering rack. Especially if you had a bad pump in the past, debris can migrate from worn parts (in the pump) to your rack-and-pinion and cause it to fail too. The same can also happen in reverse, if the rack has an issue, it could cause the pump to fail at tome point. Usually both would be changed at the same time, or at a minimum you'd do a complete flush of the system at the time one of the components were changed.

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