Do I really need to turn off my engine while pumping gas?

I know there is always a sign at the gas station that asks me to turn off the engine. Is this really needed? It's really hot outside and I'd rather not have to turn off the air conditioning if I can help it.

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2 answers

  • I would turn it off. My dad had his truck catch fire at the pump while his engine was running. Not sure if it was the engine or the lit cigarette he always had, LOL!

    • I second this, right here. I've heard horror stories of gas station fires. Always practice safety first when dealing with thousands of gallons of highly combustible substances :)

      Gravity   Aug 23th 2016
  • Yes, turn it off! Check out this video if you want to see what can happen.

    Basically your biggest risk is static electricity caused by moving parts from your engine spinning. The gas pump acts as a ground, and boom.

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