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4 out of 5


Apr 17, 2016

I bought my dream car, a Toyota CAmry 1998 XLE, thinking my driver's license would be taken away or I would die before the carwas too old. I am now 86 & dtill driving, although not at night any more nor long distances, 200 miles is about my limit now.My Camry has been diligently maintained, not hourse in a garage. The belts finally had to be replaced two years ago. Not too bad.A new muffler this past January, first replacement. Also the second battery replacement (3rd battery total). My car just truned 100000 miles the fall of 2015. Who could be happier ? Me

1999 Toyota Camry

Pretty good

Dec 11, 2015

I have had my 2010 Camry LE for 2 weeks and I cant complain, I got it very cheap from an elderly woman that could not drive and with only 3,200 miles"It sat for a while" It does have a plain interior but nothing a seat cover cant fix. If you like a plain simple car this is the one for you. It gets the job done. I personally would not buy this new also I would not get this from a dealer considering the price.

2010 Toyota Camry

Disappointed owner

Nov 24, 2015

I purchased my 2007 Camry LE in 2012 for $13,000. At 3 yrs. the oil consumption is extreme. Toyota considers 1 qt. per 1100 mi. normal. I do not. The loss of mileage over the 3 years also was disappointing. From 34 mi. per gal. down to 27. The resale value was poor at best. I recently traded the car and was quoted a trade in value from a Toyota dealer of $3,000. There was no part of this car that was good.

2007 Toyota Camry

1998 Toyota Camry (purchased used with 1,400 miles on it) - has 53,000 original miles now.

Oct 25, 2015

This car doesn't owe me a thing! I love this car but I am still looking to purchase a new Toyota. After reading some of the reviews, I am somewhat skeptical about purchasing a new one. In the past, I had a Buick (purchased new). This car was a money pit; had the engine replaced 2 times and the car should have been painted "YELLOW"! Never again, no Buick ever!

2016 Toyota Camry

Current Leasee

Oct 15, 2015

This car was originally a leasing option to build my credit, although growing up my dad owned a Camry at one point which was by far the most comfortable ride and low-cost maintenance ride we ever owned. When he traded it in for a Mercedes-Benz, even at 14, I knew he had made a huge mistake and it wasn't long before I was proved correct in that assumption. This car is in fact a dream on the road. It's such a smooth ride, I always say "I'm flying" rather than saying "I'm driving" because it is literally that smooth of a ride. I'm in love with this design. I absolutely hated the 07-09 design and didn't really care for the 12'-13' box style. This design is so modern I want to purchase the car upon the end of my lease for multiple reasons other than what I've already mentioned. I'm almost certain this car will still have the "modern" and "up-to-date" design that I desire in a vehicle for year's to come. Also, it's Camry. So I can probably give it to my kids one day when I decide to take that route or my grandkids even because, well, it's still a Camry at the end of the day!

2015 Toyota Camry


Sep 03, 2015

BOUGHT IT USED WITH 71,000 miles Very Clean Ran Very Well THE CAR HAS BEEN A DISASTER THIS PAST 2 YEARS. I BOUGHT CAUSE MY '93 CAMRY GAVE ME 175,00 of decent transportation. I have replaced Motor and Trans mounts twice,rack and pinion twice and 4 axles purchased from TOYOTA If I wanted a piece of junk THEY HAD PLENTY OF CHVEROLETS and FORDs FOR SALE. THIS CAR REALLY SUCKS, and I always use FRIGGIN" ORIGINAL TOYOTA PARTS YOU TELL ME!

2003 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan

Like riding a buckboard

Mar 10, 2015

I moved from a Ford Crown Victoria to a new Toyota Camry, my first non-Ford purchase in 50 years. I am generally satisfied with the purchase. What I miss is the comfort of the spacious Crown interior but mostly the sweet ride it gave. Newer cars I have driven, especially in the size class as the Camry don't come near the quality of ride. It is noisy as well inside at high speed.

2015 Toyota Camry

2008 Camry

Sep 28, 2012

I loved the exterior look of the car and the dependability of the Toyota sold me. I agree with another owner who spoke about the SE model and the low clearance of the car. It has caused some issues- sticks dragging, curb scraping, and the back wheel well cover broke at one point after running over debris on the road. I have had a few problems on hot days with the radio- the display wouldn't work and when I hit CD, the radio played and vice versa. Anyone else have this problem? Of course there was the whole gas pedal sticking issue- I got it replaced at the dealer. The sunroof also had a glitch and wouldn't work for a few weeks. My husband tried it by chance one day and it opened. Don't know ! But my biggest complaint is that my visors have both broken, the driver side first, and the passenger side just the other day. We have it tied up with string through the sun roof! Attractive huh! I'm sure they are not under warranty still but I have never had that happen in any other car I have owned. I love the ride and I usually average 27 to 29 miles to the gallon . Wish the dependability of the interior was better!

2008 Toyota Camry SE__4dr_Sedan

floors are wet after rain / car wash

Sep 24, 2011

anybody else?

2008 Toyota Camry SE_V6__4dr_Sedan

I HATE 2010 Camry!

Jun 28, 2011

We loved our previous Camry! It was perfect in every way. So, I thought I'd love this one too- but it is the worst car I've ever driven. I can't stand to drive it! The drivers seat is terribly uncomfortable after just a short drive. I'm 5'8" and apparently it wasn't built for someone my height. The headrest hits me right in the back of the head and it is uncomfortable. The way it hits the back of my head, it prevents me from sitting back comfortably in the seat. So, I usually take the headrest off and turn it around backwards to put it back on. Then it is mildly better, but still not good. Then there is the fact that I have normal arm length and this car apparently was built for someone with long arms. When my seat is placed so that my leg is comfortable reaching the pedals, I have to strain to reach the steering wheel. When my arms are at comfortable length, then my legs are all scrunched up. There is NO solution. Also, I can't see the instrument panel because the steering wheel blocks me from seeing how fast I'm driving. I have to periodically cock my head to one side to read the gauges. That isn't even safe. I should be able to comfortably see the instrument panel at all times while I am driving. I will NEVER EVER buy another Camry!

2010 Toyota Camry SE__4dr_Sedan

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