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Jan 16, 2015


2015 Hyundai Equus

90% of a Mercedes S-Class for 50% of the price

Mar 05, 2014

I've had seven Mercedes-Benz S-Classes, the most recent being a 2010 S550. The 2014 Equus had a MSRP of $61,920. Equus provides the first 3 years/36,000 miles of scheduled service. That's worth a few thousand dollars. The Equus bumper-to-bumper warranty is 5/60,000 vs. the Mercedes 4/50,000. Mercedes' telematics, navigation and voice commands are far superior. The Equus telematics are difficult to master. Mercedes S-Class is the first car with all LED lighting. Except for the Equus headlamps, it too is all LED. Equus has no interior ambient lighting except for the footwells.A similarly equipped 2014 S550 would be about $115,000. The Equus come with a leather interior that equals the optional $2,500 leather upgrade in the S-Class. The Equus is very smooth and quiet, but lacks the connection to the road and sense of secure control you get in a Mercedes. What amazes me is that 429hp V8 runs on regular gas. That's about a 45-cent/gallon savings. MPG in both cars is similar. I'm very satisfied with the Equus.

2014 Hyundai Equus Signature 4dr Rear-wheel Drive Sedan

No Competition from the pretenders.

Sep 09, 2011

2011 Hyundai Equus Ultimate__4dr_Rear_wheel_Drive_Sedan

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