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3 out of 5

2016 GMC Terrain Denali

Nov 07, 2015

I just bought a '16 Terrain Denali and I love it . I traded in my '12 Terrain SLT-2 and what a difference there is between the 2 SUV's . One of the biggest is the engine . My old terrain had the 3.0 V-6 , and thought that it was just fine , but now I have the 3.6 and its alot faster . At 301 horse power this Denali moves rather quickly . I have found myself doing 10 to 20 miles over the speed limit not realizing it . Plus stepping on the throttle you get a pleasant little growl coming from the exhaust . GMC has updated the exterior and made it look more modern . The front and rear fascias are new as is the DRLs . On the interior the Intellalink w/Nav. seems quicker and gives you more info than in the ********** equipped with all the new safety features which basically gives you 100% coverage on every side of the vehicle . Long story short .... I love my new truck !!!!

2016 GMC Terrain

gmc terrain 2013 slt 2

Oct 02, 2015

muy buen auto hermosa linea de modelo .bien equipado comodidad y economia lo recomiendo

2013 GMC Terrain

2010 GMC Terrain SLE1 - 5 Years Young

Jun 11, 2015

Well it's over five years now, and my wife absolutley loves her Terrain, she wanted the equinox but Me, as an auto enthusiast saw the more Macho GMC styling and fender creases so we agreed on the Terrain. Of course we wante AWD and it has been great on the dirt roads here in the sticks, snow, mud, you name it.. Handles bad weather better than my 4x4 Ram Pickup. It averages over 25 mpg locally and better on the interstate. One trip to Phoenix and back (over 2oo miles) I averaged 30 mpg, and I was ocisionally crusing at 90 +. And I felt safe, secure, and comfortable.. It's only got 35,000 miles on it, fist car in years we will finish making payments on and then keep for a much longer time.. We did consider a new Equinox lately, but the features on our SLE1 AWD are still more then the Chevy LS, and LT packages.. Love the Serius XM so much I bought an adapter to have it in my 2000 Ram. I don't know why you would need the V6, the I4 has plenty of power and great fuel economy. Just a great, versatile, comfortable and Dependable Crossover.. I love it too.

2010 GMC Terrain SLE-1 All-wheel Drive Sport Utility

Not a bad little vehicle.

Oct 03, 2011

I must being this review by stating that I have not had a domestice vehicle since the late 90's. My last 8 vehicles were from the Nissan family. 3 from Nissan and 5 from Infiniti. All of have been fantastic cars, with not a hint of a problem from any of them. If the Terrain is half as good as they were it will be a great vehicle. Now...on with the review. Having just moved from the South to the Northeast I knew that my current G37 would be no match for the climate conditions New England. I drove anything and everything that is in the class with the Terrain. And it came out on top by a wide margin. The fit and finish is excellent. On the same level as my Pathfinder. And the cabin is quiet. Very quiet. Yet the vehicle has a very solid feel when underway. I opted for the 4 cylinder model. I am not planning on towing anything and wanted better fuel economy. It is not a rocket ship by any means, but it is more than adequate for most driving conditions. Fuel economy is pretty much what is promised. I am getting just over 20 mpg in town and almost 30 on the highway. In the mountains of Vermont the little 4 does work a bit downshifting quite frequently as it tries to reach the summit. But it does the job with very little fuss. The controls are easy to operate and everyting is within easy reach. The climate control system works well and even on high speed the fan is not so instrusive as to disturb conversation in the cabin. The nav system works well and the screen is large and easy to see. The seats are firm and supportive yet quite comfortable and the heated seats will come in handy on those cold New England days. The upgraded Pioneer sound system is adequate. There is a backup camera that offers a wide field of view. Overall I am very pleased with the vehicle. However I do have a few minor gripes The nav system is not voice activated and only works when the radio is on and the stereo could use more power.

2012 GMC Terrain SLT_2__All_wheel_Drive_Sport_Utility


Apr 20, 2011


2011 GMC Terrain SLT_1__Front_wheel_Drive_Sport_Utility

Review of 2010 GMC Terrain

May 19, 2010

Researched the Terrain on AOL and recently purchased SLT2 FWD. Very impressed with styling, and overall vehicle performance. Terrain came with several features that would be options on other vehicles. I did order the navigation system as an option. My wife has back problems and she finds the heated seats very comfortable. GMC has built a true WINNER!

2010 GMC Terrain SLT-2Front-wheel Drive Sport Utility

My A+++GMC Terrain

Apr 23, 2010

I recently bought a new GMC Terrain, and absolutely love everything about it. I first discovered it when we were just driving along and I saw this vehicle at the dealersip, and said to my husband, "Hey, stop, what is that?" I have had strangers come up to me saying how much they admire it, and one couple asked if they could look inside. Love my Terrain!

2010 GMC Terrain SLE-2Front-wheel Drive Sport Utility

New Terrain SLE

Mar 28, 2010

Terrains are hard to find here in Upstate New York, but I found one at my local dealer just as it was being parked on the lot. Bought it before it even got loaded into his inventory database. They said they sell them out as soon as they get them. The Terrain, along with the Equinox is in short supply here in the Northeast. I love it so far, Had a Nissan Murano that lease-expired. The Terrain is comparable although it doesn't have everything I wanted or enjoyed on the Murano. But, it is only the SLE trim line so no auto-climate control, no dual a/c and no remote start. The one thing I am glad it does NOT have is those pesky roof racks which get in the way of snow removal here off Lake Ontario and make noise on windy days. I also miss the intelligent keyfob that Nissan has, offereing no key door unlocking and ignition start. I only have 240 miles, but so far loving it. The 4 cyl engine is adequate, the ride is very quiet and the comfort is comparable to the Murano.

2010 GMC Terrain SLE-1All-wheel Drive Sport Utility

2010 GMC Terrain SLT-2 AWD Fully loaded

Mar 11, 2010

Choose the Terrain over the Cadillac and Lincoln due to the ease of entry and exist. My wife has bone cancer and has trouble bending over. The seat height was perfect for her. I traded a Cadillac DTS on the Terrain and the comfort level is not the same, but I have driven it to Florida and back and it was comfortable and I was not tired of driving. It handles great in snow, much better than I expected. It has little to no road noise. Over all it is a good multipurpose vehicle.

2010 GMC Terrain SLT-2All-wheel Drive Sport Utility

So far so good

Dec 22, 2009

I ordered my Terrain and after 8 weeks it came in. I ordered the SLT-1 with the dual rear DVD system. So far I am really happy with the vehicle. I love the back-up camera and the XM radio. My back has been hurting so I love the heated seats for that. It drives really nice. The only minor things that I don't like ( and I said MINOR ) are the height of the driver's door armrest, the ackwardness of using the driver's seatbelt, no dual air, and no homelink for the garage door. When making u-turns, I notice that my previous vehicle, a Tahoe, had better turning radius, ************ is adequate. I have 2500 miles on it and I am still finding out fun stuff that it has. Overall, I am very happy with our decision to buy a Terrain.

2010 GMC Terrain SLT-1Front-wheel Drive Sport Utility

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