2013 BMW 335

Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the BMW 335

  • The BMW's engine and transmission are both efficient and charismatic. The in-line-six is ultra smooth at idle but sings a happy tune in the upper rev ranges.

    - Automobile
  • It's capable enough to be compared to sports cars, but compliant and livable enough to be called "just" a luxury sedan.

    - Motor Trend

What reviewers liked least about the BMW 335

  • For the first time, a 3-series' annoying electronics outweigh its driving experience, and I'm afraid the 3-series has officially fallen off my personal shopping list. Sure, it's probably a better 3-series for the masses (and it's finally gorgeous again, inside and out), but the 3 is no longer entire car-lengths ahead of the crowd.

    - Automobile

BMW 335 Comparisons

  • The added weight is noticeable after back-to-back drives with the 328i, but equally noticeable is the extra forward thrust the 335i so readily supplies.

    - Motor Trend

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