2012 Rolls-Royce Phantom

2012 Rolls-Royce Phantom Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Rolls-Royce Phantom

  • Lush and generous are the bywords for the Phantom's standard five-occupant interior; four-occupant seating with rear bucket seats is available.

    - Cars.com
  • The Phantom's air suspension softens the harshest of impacts without feeling floaty like so many comfort-tuned large sedans.

    - Edmunds.com
  • The ride is superb, as it avoids being floaty while soaking up Miata-sized potholes and other road imperfections with nothing more than a muted "thump."

    - Edmunds.com
  • A sophisticated double wishbone suspension up front with a multilink array at the rear and height-adjustable shock absorbers produce a smooth ride and keep the bulky car tractable through the curves.

    - Forbes

Rolls-Royce Phantom Comparisons

  • While the Maybach may offer more high-tech gizmos and a greater sense of modernity, the Rolls-Royce features an undeniable old-world charm and a stunning larger-than-life presence.

    - Edmunds.com
  • Start kicking things up a bit and it rapidly becomes apparent that the Phantom is no sport sedan. That's not a knock on the 5,600-pound Rolls, just a heads-up for those who think anything BMW touches (like the Mini or Range Rover) becomes an instant canyon carver.

    - Edmunds.com

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