2012 Lexus IS-F

2012 Lexus IS-F Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Lexus IS-F

  • The Lexus just kept putting a smile on my face, generating huge lateral grip, demonstrating its remarkable balance, and showing off its big underhood muscle.

    - Automobile

What reviewers liked least about the Lexus IS-F

  • ...the Lexus engine won't win any singing competitions, either. A secondary air intake opens up at 3600 rpm, filling the cabin with a contrived, nasal induction honk under big throttle openings. It's not particularly pleasing....

    - Automobile

Lexus IS-F Comparisons

  • ...the IS-F's ride quality is pretty good. It isn't quite as comfy as the M3, which all of our reviewers praised as exceptional.

    - Cars.com

Best one-liner about the Lexus IS-F

  • Then the tachometer hits midrange, and before you can say "Where's the torque?" the pipes are blasting out a glorious V-8 roar and your internal organs get pancaked.

    - Cars.com
  • To describe the Lexus LS F as fun to drive would be bland understatement. This is an authentic performance car that brings smiles to professional driving instructors and racers on the world's fastest racetracks. For the average driver, this is a car so able, so secure, it changes the way you see the road.

    - New Car Test Drive

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