V6 2dr Convertible
2012 Ford Mustang Reviews

5 out of 5

Grabber Blue

Jun 14, 2012

Owned Chevys my entire life. This car converted me. Thumbs up to Ford. I love this vehicle.

2012 Ford Mustang V6__2dr_Convertible

Kona Blue Stang

Mar 29, 2012

Love this car and quality is great. It turns heads and drives like a a lot more car than it is such as riding like a big heavy car but handles as a sport coupe should. Really worth the money you would think it cost a lot more.

2012 Ford Mustang V6_Premium__2dr_Coupe


Sep 29, 2011

We bought our 2012 Mustang GT (premium coupe) recently and love it! The car has incredible acceleration, stops quickly when necessary, is incredibly comfortable with a great stock sound system (Shaker 500) and is just a beautiful thing to look at. It is clearly well built and we really don't anticipate any issues - everything is solid with no squeaks or whistles and nothing rattling around. Shifting into 3rd and 4th gear can be a little tricky - it is easy to upshift from 1st/2nd straight to 5th/6th on accident - and 1st and 2nd gears are both very short, but once you get used to ******** no big deal. Fuel economy is much better than we expected for a sports/muscle car. We're averaging about 17mpg in the city. We do better on the freeway - probably closer to 22mpg or so. And the "rumble" of the car when you start it up is truly awesome! For the record, I was never a big "sports car" kind of person and never really got the fascination. It clicked for me last spring when we were upgraded to a 2011 Mustang GT while vacationing in Miami. This car is incredible and you really get a lot of bang for your buck. It's truly hard to find performance and comfort comparable to the Mustang with such a relatively low price tag. We looked at the Challenger and Camaro, too, but the Mustang won for us, hands down. Outstanding car!

2012 Ford Mustang GT_Premium__2dr_Coupe

They mean what they say........"Quality is job one!"

Sep 02, 2011

I purchaced my new Mustang convertible in the beginning of July and I have to say, I LOVE IT! The car has no perceptable squeeks or rattles and while the top is up there is no distracting air noise like those on previous convertibles that I have owned.

2012 Ford Mustang V6_Premium__2dr_Convertible

Love my Mustanh

Jul 05, 2011

I drove both the Camaro and the Mustang. I like both cars. The Chevy dealer had no special lease deals or rebates and didn't seem to care if I bought the Camaro or not. Al Packer Fored West was great. They had special lease deals and a 1500.00 rebate. I love my 2012 black V-6 Ford Mustang.

2012 Ford Mustang V6__2dr_Coupe

Much nicer than my 2007 GT!

Apr 17, 2011

I took delivery of my new 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 Premium on April 4, 2011. I currently have put 490 miles on her and love the looks, thumbs up, and "nice car" shouts when I drive her. My stang came with the Brembo brakes, 3.73 rearend, and this car is so much more powerful than my 2007 Mustang GT! Unlimited power and torque in all 6 gears! I used to get challenged all of the time with my 2007 at red lights, but this car must have a huge reputation because I have yet to have anyone even beep at me to do a little stop light racing. I was about to get a 2011 WRX, but I fell in love with the 5.0 as soon as I heard the "Bullitt" engine sound when I put the pedal down. A real modern muscle car that handles great, another big improvement over the 2007 GT. The Yellow Blaze Tricoat paint with the black stripes really makes this car a total headturner! The 19" Wheels help with the looks, too! The interior is very nice with beautiful leather seats that are also way better and more comfortable than my 2007. I highly recommend this car if you want to put a smile on your face for your journey to where ever!

2012 Ford Mustang GT_Premium__2dr_Coupe

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