2012 BMW Z4
$48,650 - $64,200

Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the BMW Z4

  • ...available with Adaptive M Sport suspension, consisting of computer-controlled adjustable dampers that constantly vary their firmness based on road surface inputs, steering angle and lateral acceleration data.

    - Edmunds.com
  • The twin-turbo engine is--as we've already experienced in other BMWs--quite a piece of work.

    - Road & Track

What reviewers liked least about the BMW Z4

  • Highway cruising is supremely comfortable, but cornering requires the stiffer 'sport' or 'sport plus' modes.

    - Car and Driver
  • The suspension doesn't skitter over bumps...easily.

    - Motor Trend

BMW Z4 Comparisons

  • The...Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class remains a viable [competitor for the Z4], but it looks and feels less special...

    - Edmunds.com
  • ...turbos spool up quickly and smoothly, and in this car it's easily the match for its rivals...the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class [and] Audi TTS...

    - Motor Trend

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