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2011 MINI Cooper Reviews

3 out of 5

2011 MINI

Jun 22, 2011

My 2011 non turbo MINI is a quick nimble fun machine. The car is wild/exciting to drive-every time I go motoring. Living in the mountains, I can tell you the MINI handles the curves and hills with ease. Actual highway MPG often tops 40. Yeah it takes premium gas, so take 2 mpg off. I did the math. The fun of the zippy engine makes it worth while. I spite of it's small appearance, the front seats will accommodate 6'5" types. The rear is for kids/dogs. Cargo : with the seats down it will hold one very FULL Costco shopping cart . Is the MINI safe? Yes. Read about it on the MINI web site. This car is a fun drive. Music, radio and A/C work great. Back in the 60s I wanted one of these (or a Sunbeam tiger). Glad to have one now. With the tight suspension and steering don't expect it to ride like a Detroit dinosaur. Don't test drive one. You may not get out of the dealership alive.

2011 MINI Cooper Base__2dr_Hatchback

mini nightmare

Jun 06, 2011

cute yes, peppy too. boy can they handle......corners--unbelieveable. but....... you can't hear yourself think the road nosie is so pronounced.....driving in the car for 15 min on the freeway invites a's sooo noisy. i can't imagine a convertible. being that low invites all the exhaust and fumes and noise from other cars. besides the huge racket that comes from the mini itself. but that's not the worst. drive to santa barbara and you feel like a milk shake when you get out--if you can get ********** just the most awful ride in the world. roll over a dime and it's like you bounce into the headliner. if you're 25 and wanna be cool--ok go for it. if you're north of 35--you gotta be nuts. but i think the worst part is dealing with bmw dealers----$280 for an oil change!!!

2011 MINI Cooper Base__2dr_Hatchback

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