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40 and Fabulous in My MKT

Nov 13, 2010

2011 Lincoln MKT Base__4dr_All_wheel_Drive

Interior 2011 MKT

Oct 30, 2010

Center console too small, and sets to far back to use as arm ************ leaks from rear door when opened after washing vehicle. Reset computer is very difficult to see on bottom of odometer.

2011 Lincoln MKT

Interesting Vehicle

Jul 29, 2010

We have had our MKT for about three months. Should have purchased the big engine, the refrigerator and the more sophisticated accident prevention packages which would have broght it up to around Navigator pricing. They call it a "crossover" I call it a "station wagon". The standard engine has plenty of power, but there are times you think it is dying under acceleration but is not. I would have hoped they did not install the paddle shifters. They are a PIA, and you should practice where nobody who knows you watches you over rev or make it sound you are tearing up the transmission. Workmanship is good but the paint is miserable. One side of the car looks like an ornage with all the orange peel that needs a buffing out. The technology aspect of the car is also a PIA. Too much to do to getthings done until you find you don't need the touch screen and can use the knobs down below. The "control panel" should be brought out 5 to 6 inches and tilted to the driver. Reaching over while at cruising speed you need to lean over and you find your self drifting. The rear window is a total joke, with back seat head rests up or passengers seated, the window is TOO small to use to back up, thus the camera. With all the negative things I said would I buy one or recommend, YES. Very comfortable to drive or ride in, steering is very responsive, brakes are very good and there is actual road feel. Workmanship, other than paint is excellent, no mis aligned panels or doors. However, the seat tracks and body metal are visible when seats are moved back. That could have been avoided by moving the seat mechanism back a bit. Bottom line, we like the car, or should we LOVE the car to be really happy?

2011 Lincoln MKT Base4dr All-wheel Drive

Review of 2011 Lincoln MKT

Jun 14, 2010

I leased a 2011 MKT and have had a service problem with the driver side cover for seat glide mechanism. I is a safety hazard as it pops off and interferes with the brake and accelerator. I have taken it in five times.. The dealer has the same problem with his demo MKT. I'd have second thoughts had I known this was a problem. The dealer (owner) has been very cooperative and has contacted Ford to correct the problem..We'll see. JDK

2011 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost4dr All-wheel Drive

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