2011 BMW 135 Reviews

5 out of 5

Unbelievable in more ways than one

Feb 05, 2011

Unbelievable acceleration Unbelievable good looks Unbelievable handling Unbelievable number of gadgets Unbelievable complexity to operate the unbelievable number of gadgets Unbelievable pricetag Overall this car is leaps ahead of any other car we've owned, including two new BMWs. It is so ********** well, unbelievable. In 6th gear, it presses you back in your seat, hard, while passing. In 1st gear the tach winds up too fast to look for a shift point, you just go with the shriek level. 2nd gear is the same. 60 goes by in the 4.6 sec range, and there is no loss of intensity. This car will land you to jail in around 7 seconds. Most magazine reviews say 1) no reason to buy the turbo (i.e. buy the 128 version of the car) and 2) there is no turbo lag. Both are wrong. Because there is definite and noticeable turbo lag, it is easy to feel the effects of turbo vs non-turbo. The turbo packs a huge kick. 300 vs 230 horsepower is a big difference. Luxury level feels high, as there are ridiculous gadgets everywhere. I guess I can overlook the absurdity of the designers who are clearly bored, but the needless complexity of the car adds nothing but expense which is probably their goal. If you look up the word "contraption" in the dictionary, it shows the convertible top going up and down--7 or 8 miracles occur in rapid succession to make it work. The stereo w/built-in mp3 sounds FABULOUS! Price is out of this world. The list prices here are wrong, go to bmwusa.com to see the range. We bought the most expensive 135 (convertible with the M package) on the lot at $48,500 list, but all other 135s were within $2K. Clearly the dollar/mark exchange rate has pumped bmw prices into the bozosphere. We gave the dealer $2K over actual invoice after quite a bit of negotiation. That wasn't enough to buy real leather. Crazy. Still, we bought the car with the full realization that the price was out of control, and love the insane power and understated handsome looks.

2011 BMW 135 i__2dr_Rear_wheel_Drive_Convertible


Oct 07, 2010

2011 BMW 135 i__2dr_Rear_wheel_Drive_Convertible

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