LX 4dr Front-wheel Drive
2010 Honda CR-V Reviews

4 out of 5

Review of 2010 Honda CR-V

Sep 26, 2010

2010 Honda CR-V EX-L4dr Front-wheel Drive

Review of 2010 Honda CR-V

Jul 15, 2010

Best SUV in its class and drives better than the others that I test drove. In my opinion the CRV Honda has the best styling outside and Inside. No clutter inside and a pleasure to drive. I have had other SUV's that do not have the pep this has. I cannot say enough for this great auto!

2010 Honda CR-V LX4dr Front-wheel Drive


May 22, 2010

My wife purchased the Honda 3 months ago. Just got back from Fl. in it. Round trip of 1400 miles. The CRV did great. 29 mpg at 70-75 mph.. I am a pretty good size guy and I was comfortable driving it. Plenty of leg room for me. Memory on the power drivers seat would be nice. Takes some time to readjust when the wife drives.This is my first 4 cyl. vehicle but I was pleased with it. I was use to my Ford F150 super crew and all the room plus the v8 power. Again for a small vehicle it works fine for the two of us.

2010 Honda CR-V EX-L4dr Front-wheel Drive

Review of 2010 Honda CR-V

Mar 18, 2010

I must be missing out on something with this vehicle. Others rate it highly.I would give it 3 stars at best. It has NO pick up and the engine feels like it is straining when going up hill. It is challenging to maintain one speed on the highway unless it is on cruise control. The console design is awkward, as is the placement of the window openers. It is uncomfortable to sit and drive for long periods of time. I wish I had never purchased this vehichle. I am very disappointed and would trade it in today if I could afford to.

2010 Honda CR-V LX4dr 4x4

Love this vehicle!

Dec 31, 2009

I spent six months reading and test driving many models/makes in this size. This was the first vehicle I test drove, and it was clear, at the end, that this Honda had everything I wanted, and more. Plus an affordable price, great performance, and it looks good too! I bought it at the end of November; only 700 miles on it now. That's all city commuting but I no longer grimmace at rush hour traffic. Heated seats are great; fabulous sound system. Good looking dash; not overly cluttered; everything you need right there and/or on the steering wheel. Navigation system is top rate. Love the heighth - tall enough to see the stopped traffic ahead but not too tall - no problem getting in with skirt and heels. Lots of room for sports equipment, gardening supplies, Home Depot trips, luggage, dogs, cats. Perfect. I loved my Accord but this CR-V has stolen my heart completely. No regrets; this vehicle has great handling, excellent fuel economy (almost 25 mpg all city), comfort and looks, and best of all, Honda reliability.

2010 Honda CR-V EX-L4dr Front-wheel Drive

Many Little Improvements for 2010 CRV Really Add Up

Oct 25, 2009

I carefully compared all the CUVs in the marketplace and came to the conclusion that the newly upgraded 2010 CRV is the best. It is more quiet, more peppy, more solid, and has a reputation for reliability. I appreciate the new 180 hp ULEV motor, the high quality interior materials, the chrome front grill, the quality feel of the switch gear, and the very good standard sound system. It is also good to know that since it is a Honda, one does not have to worry about excessive depreciation. I would not say that it rides as well as a typical sedan but it is close enough. Interior ergonomics are very good. The design would be better if there was some way to remove the back seats entirely for more cargo capacity, but that is a minor issue. I was also impressed by the Subaru Forester and its superior symmetrical all wheel drive system. However, its 4 speed auto was a bit dated and the styling seemed more like yesterday's typical SUV. I also seriously considered the new Outback but found its styling a little odd and also was concerned about being an early purchaser of its new CVT tranny. My wife is very pleased that this Honda seems more car-like than truck-like. In terms of fuel economy, I am averaging about 24 mpg in mixed driving. (The EPA ratings are now 21 city and 27 highway for this model.)

2010 Honda CR-V EX4x4

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