Base V6 4dr Front-wheel Drive
2009 Toyota Venza Reviews

4 out of 5

2009 Venza in 2016

May 04, 2016

Leased this vehicle in February of 2009 and Iiked it so much that I bought the lease out. Really upset that Toyota discontinued them in 2015 because I would have purchased another.

2009 Toyota Venza

new port richey fl area

Aug 10, 2010

bought this car in june of 2009. have two bad knees and found that getting in and out of this car is a complete pleasure. the ride is ultimate quiet smooth and plenty of room front and rear. singing the praise for this car to one and all. told them that is the one car for all needs. very comfortable on the highway have made two trips to nyc in this car and both trips have been a heavenly pleasure no traffic jams can irritate you while driving this car all functions are easy to handle and driving is truly a great pleasure. highly recommended to one and all.

2009 Toyota Venza Base4dr Front-wheel Drive

Review of 2009 Toyota Venza

May 25, 2010

My wife has a lexus 350 and I havea Venza. She prefers the venza over the lexas. She has many disabilities. She finds it easier to get in and out of the venza; the seats are more comfortable for her bad back; the pasenger side has an outside arm rest which aids her getting into an out of the veichle. Thisis def. a 5 star plus car.

2009 Toyota Venza Base V64dr Front-wheel Drive

A victory for the Venza

May 23, 2010

Was reading other reviews and had to put my two sense in. I just went to the Toyota dealer to test drive all cars, I was trading in my 2006 4-Runner( which I loved.) Had no idea what I wanted, but as soon as I sat in the Venza, I knew it was the one. From the sharp interior design, to the easy to use blue tooth that has volume control through the stereo speakers, to the back-up camera and to the reclining rear seats it is an impeccable car. I have had major neck surgery and back problems and by far it was the most comfortable car I have ever driven. Its height is perfect to get in and out of and the engine is still adjusting to my driving to get the MPG's up higher. This car is everything that anyone could want and more. I was very open to which Toyota I was going to purchase that day but the Venza made my decision very easy:)

2009 Toyota Venza Base V64dr All-wheel Drive

Review of 2009 Toyota Venza

May 22, 2010

We bought our car last Sept. and have made 2 major trips in it. We find it to be very comfortable! We have told all our friends that it is a great family car. I think it's worth repeating -- it is a wonderful car!

2009 Toyota Venza

Review of 2009 Toyota Venza

Jan 31, 2010

I've owned my Venza for about 3 months and am very happy with ******** used mostly on the highway as we do a lot of traveling, it has about 10k miles already. So far nothing as gone wrong and only has been in for oil changes. This is a 3rd car for us the other two being a Chevy Duramax pick up and a 2008 Corvette. This fills the considerable gap between the two

2009 Toyota Venza Base4dr Front-wheel Drive

Best car I've ever had

Jan 26, 2010

Love my bright red Venza!! It stands out wherever I go with its styling. It is totally comfortable on long trips and one of the best features for a female are all the storage compartments! Can easily put a purse in the deep armrest compartment, out of sight and safe. All the other compartments can store all the "stuff" women like to carry - makeup, kleenex, books - Looked at every make of car available in this hatchback style, and none compare in comfort or storage areas. The only disappointment is the mileage. Averaging 22 city/highway combined - had hoped for more but ---love everything else. Our dealership offered such great service, including a complementary dinner/information/question evening. Very impressive. THanks Toyota! Never thought we'd buy anything but "American" brand -so glad this is made in the USA.

2009 Toyota Venza Base V64dr Front-wheel Drive

2009 VENZA

Oct 16, 2009

We have only had our VENZA for a couple of months now we bought the VENZA mainly becourse it is a TOYOTA with a reliable reputation and for the looks...what sort of worry me is that we have not seen one single other VENZA on the road..? and no advertizing either ...? we like the car however it is not a LEXUS....for litle money more we could have bought the Lexus 350. We are also surpriced by it's fuel economy,the best we get in suburban driving is 19 MPG and on the freeway 20/21 MPG

2009 Toyota Venza Base V64dr Front-wheel Drive


Sep 24, 2009

This is the first Toyota I've ever owned and it has everything I wanted and more!!! I just love it! After my husband got a Camry & I drove it I started looking at Toyotas. I was looking last year & thought the Highlander was a bit big and the Rav4 had no luxury. When I went online and saw this Venza was coming out, I waited a year and I am so glad I did. I got fully loaded(except for navigation,have a portable one), 4 cyc AWD.I love all the extras, especially the blue tooth,power rear door,smart key & panaromic sunroof!! I took the Volvo XC60 home for a few days, then I drove the Venza. The Venza was better in every way! Great job Toyota,it was well worth the wait!!!!

2009 Toyota Venza Base4dr All-wheel Drive

Review of 2009 Toyota Venza

Sep 09, 2009

Have fewer than 1,000 miles and must trade off a loaded Venza. Like other owners, thought this was perfect fit. Wife with no history of back problems and never had problem with seats anywhere else gets lower back pain and numbness in legs from both seats after about 20 minutes. Problem appears to be rake of seat cushion with high front edge forcing legs back into lower back while front edge cuts down circulation to lower legs. Highlander seats are fine with tilt adjustment. Venza has none on passenger side and little effect on driver's side. Too bad Toyota went cheap on Venza seats vs. Highlander. It's ruined our otherwise great experience. Since I'm 6'6", trading to Highlander won't work since moonroof cuts into top of head and only base model can be ordered without one. Tried hard to make Toyota work for us, but I guess it's back to Ford. Just drive a Venza a while to make sure our problem does not become yours. It's terribly depressing.

2009 Toyota Venza Base V64dr Front-wheel Drive

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