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Apr 16, 2013

Only consider Dodge vehicles if you enjoy frequent visits to dealership for repairs and recalls. To top it off, terrible service for a terrible product.

2009 Dodge Journey SXT__4dr_Front_wheel_Drive

2009 SXT AWD

Jun 26, 2011

I will never buy a Chrysler again. This Dodge Journey I bought with 24k on it. It had 34k last week and in those 10k miles I have changed front and rear brakes. Tires wearing evenly, but also wearing too fast. Interior is cheap and boring. Not durable at all. Car has a leak in the front differential, warranty expired the day BEFORE I called them on this. Chrysler would not cover the leak!! $1200.00 to fix. Such horrible customer service, it really is a joke. Eats gas like full size truck. Traded in yesterday for a Chevy.....will never deal with Chrysler again!

2009 Dodge Journey SXT__4dr_All_wheel_Drive

piece of #$%^&

Feb 20, 2011

i owned on 2009 awd srt for 2 1/2 years. during that time it has gone through 5 recalls and every part of the car replace by new one due to defects including a new transmission. The car was in the dealer shop for a total of 4 3/4 months due to these various repairs, too many to list, and now my power windows will not roll up all the way. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND AVOID THIS THING AT ALL COST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also have tried to sell it but i have found out it now is worth only 1/4 of the price i had paid for it. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS OR ANY DODGE, CHRYSLER OR JEEP VEHICLE. THE ARE ALL MADE THE SAME IN POOR QUALITY.

2009 Dodge Journey SXT__4dr_All_wheel_Drive

Review of 2009 Dodge Journey

May 10, 2010

I have had this v6 for one year.Not one problem!plenty of power and 23 mpg. on the open road.This white Journey is a real eye catcher!!Check it out.

2009 Dodge Journey SXT4dr Front-wheel Drive

Dodge Journey

Jan 18, 2010

Ride is nice. Handles great. 16,900 miles falling apart. Front tires, front brakes seat belt broken.Dealership went under 1 week after leasing vehicle.Brought to another dealer for services , very poor rating for dealership service department.Would not buy another Chrysler product because of how they treat their customers.

2009 Dodge Journey SE4dr Front-wheel Drive

Very good vehicle for the money

Nov 04, 2009

Bought this SXT in July 08. Have 14K miles so far and it has been a very reliable and sound vehicle. 3.5-V6 - I have squeezed 27 mpg driving 60 mph for about 250 miles - averages 25 hwy and 18 city. Both visor mirror covers have broke off, dealer replaced no problem.

2009 Dodge Journey SXT4dr Front-wheel Drive

Review of 2009 Dodge Journey

Oct 10, 2009


2009 Dodge Journey R/T4dr All-wheel Drive

Excellent Crossover!

Aug 25, 2009

I traded my 2005 Buick Rendezvous for the Journey. Though the Rendezvous was more expensive, the features, comfort, and handling on the Journey are far superior. It handles more like a car, and the ride is smooth. The only downsides I have found compared to the Rendezvous is that the Journey is not as quiet. In fact, in a hard rain I have to turn the volume all the way up in order to hear an audio disc. Also, there is a slight hesitation at 45 MPH shifting on acceleration. They tell me at the dealership that this car "learns" the driving habits of the driver and that as it breaks in it will adjust to my driving style. We will see on that. I would recommend the journey to anyone who wants the higher seating visability, and ease of handling that you get with an SUV. The vehicle is very convenience oriented, with lots of storage. It also has high saftey ratings with airbags everywhere. 14, in all I think. Test drive one if you are in the market.

2009 Dodge Journey SXT4dr Front-wheel Drive

2009 Journey - Like the Car

Aug 12, 2009

The Journey has operated well but I have only about 1000 miles. The covers for the visor/mirror on both sides came off and the dash lights go dark on one setting but work on another. The dealer is checking on both problems but the visor covers are back-ordered- I hope that parts do not become a problem. I like the looks and how it drives. Gas milage is about 23 combined driving now. Only time will tell the Journey story. My wife is sensitive to chemical smells and this car is not loosing the new car smell very fast.

2009 Dodge Journey SXT4dr Front-wheel Drive

OK car...

Jun 04, 2009

I bought my Journey about three months ago. I haven't been able to budge beyond 14 mpg approximately. I do live in Alaska, though and we have some steep hills unlike some of the country. Don't drive it hard or anything either. I haven't been impressed by the power of the SXT model. It struggles up hills, and the gear shift has a little jump. Just a standard vehicle to get you around, but don't expect anything spectacular.

2009 Dodge Journey SXT4dr All-wheel Drive

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